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Nuclear debate rages on in Australia

This week the Nuclear debate is back on the table in Australia after Australian PM John Howard made recent comments to the Canadian PM . Various political proponents here in Australia have taken positions on the topic from “requires consideration” to an “outright no”. My personal opinion for John Howards stance is that raising the […]

Waves of Energy and Water

As a surfer, and with limited time on my hands im always checking the web swell forecast to see whether its worth heading down to Bells Beach (yes it’s always busy). Luckily using swell maps and now dedicated surfer websites you can actively predict days its worth grabbing the board and heading out for a […]

Financing Renewable Energy Debrief

This week I thought I’d provide quick debrief on the Business Council of Sustainable Energy’s (BCSE) Financing Renewable Energy (RE) conference. The intention is to provide an overview to highlight any common ground of differences as seen from downunder. The day long event was a side event to the 2 day National BCSE conference up […]

Light metals for lighter cars

The demand for lighter cars, trucks and airplanes to reduce the fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions is driving a whole range of R,D & C activities into composites, ceramics and light metals technology around the world. In this week’s blog I’m going to take a look at the light metal industry in Australia and […]

Mixing Oil and Water in Middle East

This week I spoke with a colleague from the Oil/Gas and Engineering Services industry and we were discussing the Middle East, and opportunities for companies to deploy clean oil tech or water efficiency/purification technology into this area. I thought id comment on this and a few Australian technologies I’ve seen that might be able to […]

Australian Clean Coal Technologies

This week i’d thought i’d throw some light on Australian Clean Coal Technologies – the economic and funding environment and a couple of Australian companies. Australia has a significant vested interest in clean coal technologies with funding and technology development occurring around the country. The vested interest is due to Australia having large coal resources […]