Who Cares Regarding Arts Education?!

Who Cares Regarding Arts Education?! Monet, district attorney Vinci, in addition to Van Gogh. Moz

Short Practicing for Your Extended Game: Precisely how Writing Brief Stories Can Help You Hone Your current Novel-Writing Expertise

Short Practicing for Your Extended Game: Precisely how Writing Brief Stories Can Help You Hone Your

Teaching ESL students to create in British

Teaching ESL students to create in British ESL pupils come from completely different countries, v

Best Go Site Conveys Study Commitment Rules Together with Students

Best Go Site Conveys Study Commitment Rules Together with Students We welcome people on our blog. We remain in writing firms that aid students prepare, edit, plus revise their very own essays. Our skilled personnel essay editors will do it all quickly and then for cheap. If you’d like to cooperate around? Expect to be […]


A recent KPMG survey shows that most auto executives still believe hydrogen fuel cell cars are going to win and EVs are going to fail in the long run.  Many of the major oil companies believe that biofuels are fundamentally limited in scale, and oil is too carbon intensive so are looking at a EVs […]

MIT Mistakes and How Much an Uber Driver Actually Makes

MIT recently posted a sensationalist research article where the authors claim 74% of Uber and Lyft drivers earn less than the local minimum wage. Which begs the question, if the authors are right, why in the hell would hundreds of thousands of people do that? Are they all too stupid to do math, have no other options […]

Exxon and Shell will Never Again Match Their Oil Market Share in Renewables

According to Bloomberg, cleantech global capital spending was $333 Billion last year, 40% of that in China.  That’s 3.5x bigger than the COMBINED capex total for Shell, Exxon, BP, Chevron, and Total. Put another way, that’s enough capital to outspend 7 Shell’s and 7 Exxon’s. These are staggering numbers. Bloomberg reports cleantech venture capital was […]

It is a Long Lane that Never Turns – Agtech Angel Investing 100 Years Ago

100 years ago my great grandparents were also angel investors – in Infrastructure, Media and Bee tech They invested in media, ag / cleantech, and infrastructure.  Lest you think angel investing is new or VCs are smart – it really hasn’t changed much in a century. In the 1920s my great grandparents were active angel investors […]

Day to day competition

Custom writing is now a well-established market to work on. Day to day competition is increasing confusing buyers with low prices and promising offers. In a phase like this, it is important to stay focus on the basic need and not to get excited by their cheap thrills, as many of them are only eager […]

Water is like an open economy: Update from Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research

You may have followed the discussions at the Davos World Economic Forum recently. Much of this of course is high level politicking, but it can signpost major trends in the general economy. A major theme this year was picked out in the report: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond. What are […]

Is Tesla Really the EV King?

by Neal Dikeman, chief blogger, Cleantech Blog Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been the electric vehicle darling since almost the day it launched.  I’d argue there are some really neat aspects to its product and strategy, but it is far from a resounding market leader in EVs. The Range and Battery Scale Advantage There are a couple of […]

EV King Tesla – Where Did the Cash Go?

Analysis of 2014 financial results and valuation of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Forward Osmosis – Solving Tomorrow’s Water Challenges Using Nature’s Remedy

Nature has an ingenious way of extracting water, but does it have the potential to solve many of today’s global water challenges? Before going into more details on how nature’s way of extracting water can help cut energy usage in water treatment processes, an appreciation is needed of why energy reduction in water treatment is an […]

CJK: Solving PM2.5

In spite of the political posturing taking place between Japan and Korea and China, the governments are actively working to address this challenge. Hosted by Ministry of Environment of Korea, the Environmental Ministers Meeting among Korea, China and Japan at the end of this April to implement an initiative on enhancing environmental cooperation and dialogue.

Seafloor Carpet Turns Surf’s up to Lights On

At the University of California, Berkeley, a team of engineers is pioneering ocean-source energy technology by using “carpet” to capture the energy generated by ocean waves. The team, which includes wave energy guru and Assistant Professor Reza Alam, and Ph.D. Marcus Lehmann, an engineering researcher, aims not only to capture the kinetic energy contained in […]