Fossil Fuel and Life

by Richard T. Stuebi In the past month, we’ve witnessed two major catastrophes associated with U.S. production of fossil fuels — the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion killing 11 workers in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Massey Upper Big Branch coal mine explosion claiming 29 lives in West Virginia. It’s easy to vilify […]

Cape Wind is New Source of U.S. Renewable Energy

By John Addison (4/29/10) The United States now has a new source of clean electricity for homes, buildings, and industrial stationary power and also for the growing use of electricity in rail and electric cars. Wind power is especially available at night when we hope to eventually charge millions of vehicles. Global wind energy capacity […]

Climate Leadership Cuts Across Generations

A couple weeks ago, I took the liberty on this blog to write a open letter in support of my good friend, Christiana Figueres to be the next Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC. While that selection process is ongoing for another couple weeks it appears, it’s been inspiring in its own right to see the […]

Robert Bryce’s 5 Myths shows Ignorance

First Sarah Palin, now Robert Bryce taking pot shots around things they barely understand: 1) Solar and Wind take up too much land: If you just focus on rooftop solar and buffer land at airports, brownfields, wastewater treatment facilities, and military bases you could power the US almost 2 times over with just solar […]

What’s the state of climate change policy these days?

To those you who missed it, below is the link to a web panel on the state of climate change policies and developments that I participated in for Brightalk today. The panelists: – Emilie Mazzacurati, Manager, Carbon Market Research North America, Point Carbon – Chris Busch, Policy Director, Center for Resource Solutions– Nicholas Bianco, Senior […]

We Remember the Past, We Have Faith in the Future

Every year since we launched Cleantech Blog this week marks a massive inflow of green press releases, phone calls, announcements and interview requests.  It always seems oddly out of place, and anything important we have to say always just seems lost in the press of Earth Day. In reality this week is a week for […]

Me and the Cleantech House: Part 1

So, with recent changes in my professional life, my family and I made the decision to relocate to the Bay Area. There were a lot of reasons, but the main one is my general perception that my world (carbon trading) and their world (cleantech and information technology) rarely meet. Indeed, the maestro of this blog, […]

Car Sharing + Ride Sharing = Saves Thousands per Person

Ride sharing has long been a popular way to commute to work; people save money, have some company, and travel faster in high-occupancy lanes. At colleges, universities, and major events, people are using social networks to hook-up and ride together. More recently, sharing cars by the hour has allowed hundreds of thousands to free themselves […]

Thoughts on a Clean Energy Development Authority

by Richard T. Stuebi As a class, new energy technologies have proven to be quite difficult to successfully commercialize. Often, they must surmount substantial technical, scientific and engineering risks to get from concept to the market. And, to prove at scale and expand to broad application, very large sums of capital are typically required. Accordingly, […]

The Impact on Cleantech of the Supreme Court Corporate Election Spending Decision May Not be so Hot

By Sanford J. Selman In its majority opinion of January 21, 2010 (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission), the US Supreme Court overturned decades-old rules prohibiting unlimited spending by corporations and unions on election advertising. This ruling is certain to have a far reaching impact as it gives complete freedom to corporate interests to use […]

36 States now have Utility-Scale Wind Power

(4/12/10) The U.S. wind energy grew in 2009, despite a severe recession. There are 36 states that have utility-scale wind projects and 14 states are in the “Gigawatt Club” with more than 1,000 MW of installed wind capacity per state. In state rankings, Iowa leads in terms of percentage of electricity from wind power, getting […]

Kansas Power Plant Overbudget

Just saw this article: Comparing the cost of the upfront capital in this plant to technologies have have free fuel costs are just inaccurate. Technologies like wind, solar, energy efficiency and others act like Nuclear power did in the 1970s. They have high upfront costs but reduce electric utility rates over time as their […]

Rare Earth

by Richard T. Stuebi Remember the white soul group on the Motown label, Rare Earth? If you do, sorry: this posting isn’t about them…. Nope, it’s about the fact that rare earth metals represent a unique problem — and opportunity — in the cleantech realm. As PBS reported on “Newshour” a few months ago (transcript […]

Start-Ups, Not Bailouts

This op-ed says it all. I am not usually a huge Tom Friedman fan (although I like him), mainly because I find that while he is an amazing communicator, I am not usually spurred to action. This time I am. The data here is well known to me because I follow the Kaufmann Foundation, […]