Market demand for green buildings – no less than 5 star

by Nick Bruse Currently I’m doing quite a bit of work in the Green Building Industry and we are currently seeing a very rapid transformation in the thinking of leading developers around green building development. In today’s ‘The Age’ one of Australia’s major newspapers we have Daniel Grollo, one of the high profile developers in […]

Media Buy-outs Going Green

Green and clean media is going through a flurry of activity right now. And while still small as media companies go – just wait. A few of the notable deals: Just announced yesterday: The Cleantech Group, who popularized the term cleantech as an investment class, acquired Inside Greentech, an emerging media outlet for the green […]

PG&E’s Clean Fleet and Visionary Future

By John Addison (8/21/07). Years ago, you only had one choice for your telephone service – AT&T. Now you have a variety of choices from landline, wireless, cable, and Internet providers. Years ago, gasoline was your only fuel choice. Now you have a number of fuel and electric choices. In the future, your favorite provider […]

De-Reg Do-Over

by Richard T. Stuebi In the 1990’s, electricity deregulation was the next big thing. By separating generation and retailing from the natural monopoly wires businesses (transmission and distribution), competition could be spawned in wholesale and retail electricity markets, thereby unleashing long-repressed efficiencies and innovation in the production and sale of electricity products and services. Deregulation […]

Blogroll Review: Flash, Reforestation, ED

by Frank Ling Memory Revolution Here’s another example of nanotechnology contributing to energy efficiency. Through improved ability to manufacture memory, flash is starting to replace traditional hard drive applications. Hank Green at EcoGeek writes: “There’s a lot of reasons to herald the dawn of flash-based hard drives. They’re faster, smaller, silent and, of course, tremendously […]

Rising Solar Prices – Where is the Shakeout?

18 months ago I did an article on rising solar prices threatening the industry, and I think it’s time to revisit some of those thoughts. “One of the most disturbing things about the solar industry, the rising star of cleantech, has been its recent rising prices. According to the survey, module prices are up […]

When it Comes to Solar – Lest We Forget

I saw a news article recently on the space walk to do repair and relocation on solar photovoltaic array on the International Space Station. It reminded me to keep in perspective a bit of energy history. The US basically invented the solar industry to help power the space race. And the industry grew out of […]

Lithium Battery Delays and Advancements

By John Addison (8/13/07). Toyota Prius enthusiasts may now be forced to wait until 2011 to order a Prius with lithium batteries. It was hoped that the shift to these batteries would give hybrids better miles per gallon and accelerate the availability of a plug-in hybrid sold and warrantied by a major auto maker. There […]

Goin’ Nucular

by Richard T. StuebiIt was pouring rain last Wednesday morning, as I entered an office building near Cleveland Hopkins Airport to attend a meeting convened by Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) to discuss the future of nuclear energy. Unlike many of his peers, Senator Voinovich appears to take the issue of climate change seriously. Also unlike […]

The love and hate relationship with platform technologies

by Nick Bruse One of the terms that is used to describe companies every so often is the word “platform technology”. Companies who have been labelled as “platform technology” companies invariably fall into two camps. Those which all the investment community easily understand the technology and it has applications that they all can visualise – […]


by Heather Raefor A $517.47 invoice for the installation of a rented 120 gallon propane tank arrived with disturbing alacrity. The service person had done an excellent job digging a trench, drilling the hole through the house wall, installing the (unobtrusively brown) regulator, connecting the gas line to the new on-demand water heater and […]

Plan C

by Richard T. Stuebi I have a great deal of respect for Matthew Simmons, founder of the energy investment bank Simmons & Company International. Simmons is a frequent speaker, and one of his most often-quoted lines is that, when it comes to the possibility of declining oil production in the near-future, “There is no Plan […]

Blogroll Review: Sustainable Snobbery, Curry, Wind Tower

by Frank Ling My Sustainability is Greener Than Your Sustainability In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says that people are motivated by a sense of importance. For many people that means gaining status. Now that green is entering the mainstream, it is also a status symbol among a growing […]