Is Applied Materials Entering the Solar Equipment Manufacturing Business?

On April 11, 2006, in Blog, by Neal Dikeman

I heard a rumor not too long ago from a friend that Applied Materials was entering the solar business. Specifically, that Applied was developing a business unit that would build and sell a suite of “standard” solar manufacturing equipment process lines. If this is true, it would be a big step forward for the industry, […]

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Thoughts on Offshore Wind Energy in US

On April 11, 2006, in Blog, by Richard T. Stuebi

In Europe, wind energy is moving offshore. It’s simple, really: Europe is densely-populated, land is scarce and hence valuable, and so anyone wanting to develop new wind projects is looking at putting turbines in the Baltic Sea. A side benefit is that the wind resource is more plentiful offshore, not subject to disturbance from hills […]

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Australian Clean Coal Technologies

On April 9, 2006, in Blog, by Nick Bruse

This week i’d thought i’d throw some light on Australian Clean Coal Technologies – the economic and funding environment and a couple of Australian companies. Australia has a significant vested interest in clean coal technologies with funding and technology development occurring around the country. The vested interest is due to Australia having large coal resources […]

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BP Solar – Closing the "Grid Parity Gap"

On April 6, 2006, in Blog, by Heather Rae

Wednesday April 5, 2006 Last week I wrote a bit about BP Solar’s advertising and branding – it’s part of the marketing story, but definitely only part. Strategy is key. BP Solar (North America) employs strategic marketing (though, how BP’s Alternative Energy marketing group which looks to be out of Houston, and BP Solar’s marketing […]

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US Cleantech IPO Filings 2006: VeraSun – Analysis of an Upcoming Ethanol IPO

On April 5, 2006, in Blog, by Neal Dikeman

Nasdaq and the US stock exchanges are not dead for cleantech IPO filings, despite the emergence of the AIM exchange in London as the place to list for cleantech, energy tech and environmental companies. We’ve had four cleantech filings in the US this year so far, in solar, water, and 2 in ethanol. Ascent Solar […]

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Black and Green: Strange Bedfellows

On April 3, 2006, in Blog, by Richard T. Stuebi

Most environmentalists have a knee-jerk wretching reaction to coal. In a word, coal is “dirty”. Uncontrolled, burning coal results in about twice the carbon emissions as burning natural gas — not to mention all of the other nasties (sulfur dioxide, NOx, particulates, mercury, etc.). So imagine my surprise when I met the other day with […]

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Superconducting Dynamic Synchronous Condenser Seeks to Enter FACTS Marketplace

On March 30, 2006, in Blog, by Mark Bitterman

FACTS is seen as key to expanding the integration of wind power, solar, and other generation sources to the grid under anticipated stricter power quality/reliability regulations. American Superconductor (AMSC) hopes its SuperVAR dynamic synchronous condenser—effectively a superconducting motor designed to provide reactive power (VARs)—will succeed in carving a niche in some portion of the FACTS […]

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Is the Future of Solar in Space?

On March 30, 2006, in Blog, by Peter Beadle

My attention was caught by a recent news story about the Space Island Group, which intends to build commercial space stations for a multitude of purposes, including the manufacture of solar power satellites (SPS). The article credited SIG with the intent to supply half the world’s energy needs by capturing the sun’s power in space […]

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Renewable Energy’s Mainstream Moves

On March 29, 2006, in Blog, by Investor Ideas

In an effort to create what has come to be understood as a diversified energy portfolio, renewable energy has become a key component to our energy future. The market can certainly be evaluated based on increases in industry participants, growing adoption rates, larger revenue levels, international expansion and even by the growing number of renewable […]

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BP Solar launches beyond marketing 101

On March 29, 2006, in Blog, by Heather Rae

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 Periodically, I cull a pile of materials on sustainable technologies; a few articles survive the purging like Fortune’s 2004 article, “Inside the Head of BP: He doesn’t like red meat. He thinks green. What is John Browne doing running the world’s largest oil company?” He’s marketing clean energy…among other things. A […]

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’2005 Year of the Solar Stocks’

On March 28, 2006, in Blog, by Investor Ideas

Looking back, 2005 stands out as a turning point year as more solar related companies entered the public market helping the solar industry to attract an increased level of investor interest. This is supported by a comparison of the performance in 2005 of 7 solar related public companies that trade on major US stock markets […]

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Santa Clara VTA and 3 Ballard Buses

On March 28, 2006, in Blog, by John Addison

Over 1,000,000 people have taken rides on the 30 CUTE hydrogen buses running in Europe. We are now playing catch-up in the USA. Over 2,000 people take daily rides on the eight hydrogen buses in California. NREL has published the detailed evaluation of Santa Clara’s implementation of 3 hydrogen buses and the Air Products liquid […]

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On March 28, 2006, in Blog, by Investor Ideas

Our firm,, is looking for writer contributions for We take an investor perspective on the renewable/clean energy industry looking at the various challenges, innovative technology and overall market opportunities. For those interested I’m posting the announcement below or feel free to contact me directly at™ offers a new feature for freelance […]

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Areva Has Arrived?

On March 28, 2006, in Blog, by Richard T. Stuebi

In her weekly column in New Power Executive, Diane Borska of The Borska Group often is able to surface insights that I might have otherwise missed. This week, she profiles Areva, the French company created in 2001 through the merger of CEA Industrie, Cogema and Framatome. Article on Areva in New Power Executive Diane makes […]

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Blog on Kleiner Perkin’s Energy Tech Thoughts at Cleantech Conference

On March 24, 2006, in Blog, by Neal Dikeman

Cleantech Venture Network’s Cleantech IX is in full swing at the Marriott in San Francisco this week. The largest turnout yet. Among the best received speakers were John Doerr and John Denniston of Kleiner Perkins. Kleiner Perkins, one of the best known players in venture capital, recently announced that they would be spending $100 mm […]

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Nuclear Power – "The Cleaner Air Energy"

On March 22, 2006, in Blog, by Heather Rae

March 22, 2006 Are nuclear technologies cleantech? That’s a tough one. In the mid-90s “The Washington Times” ran a photo of me holding a Geiger counter at the edge of a nuclear-chemical company that had been contaminating my neighborhood with radioactive cobalt-60 (for over a decade) and was in violation of a string of health, […]

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Extended Range for Hydrogen Vehicles

On March 21, 2006, in Blog, by John Addison

Extended range with metal hydride storage is now a reality Large scale use of hydrogen vehicles requires that they have the same range as gasoline fueled vehicles. This challenge is being addressed by an innovative hydrogen vehicle from Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) which has now started fleet testing at the South Coast Air Quality Management […]

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The View from Pew

On March 20, 2006, in Blog, by Richard T. Stuebi

I had the privilege last week of attending a speech given by Eileen Claussen, the President of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. Pew is a critical organization in constructively spreading awareness and promoting practical thinking among government and business leaders about the climate change issue. Ms. Claussen’s main message was that it was […]

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Berkeley Green Home EXPO – Local Cleantech Support

On March 17, 2006, in Blog, by Neal Dikeman

Cleantechblog is sponsoring the Berkeley Green Home EXPO coming up in April. We are excited to see local support for energy tech and cleantech, and are happy to support Berkeley’s efforts in sustainability, solar, clean energy and cleantech. Announcement below: Energy Independence to Be Focus of Berkeley’s 3rd Annual Green Home EXPOPanel to be moderated […]

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$310 Million Wendelstein 7-X Fusion Experiment Advancing on Schedule

On March 16, 2006, in Blog, by Mark Bitterman

Thirteen of the 70 superconducting coils for the $310 million Wendelstein 7-X stellarator-type fusion experiment have been tested at low temperatures and delivered, and the 41 additional coils specified are in various stages of manufacturing.  When complete, sometime in 2010, Wendelstein 7-X will be the largest stellarator fusion device built to date, and will test the […]

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