"Buy Wind Power, It’s a Breeze"

by Heather Rae (8/1/07) The Natural Resource Council of Maine (NRCM) sponsored a tour of the Mars Hill wind farm this past Saturday. I went along to represent Maine Interfaith Power & Light (MeIPL) and to talk about Wind Watts, the renewable energy certificates (RECs) generated by the 28 turbine, 42MW project. MeIPL is the […]

Muggles Perform Magic in California

By John Addison (7/30/07) Everyone is mesmerized with Harry Potter and the fate of the world. My niece proudly wears a wrist band proving that she waited seven hours to buy book seven. My brother, reported that 30% of passengers on his business flight were reading the book. Harry and his fellow wizards have access […]

Hydrogen Energy

by Richard T. StuebiWhenever someone mentions “hydrogen” to me, I immediately think of fuel cells. So, when someone mentioned to me in passing the other day something about BP (NYSE: BP) and hydrogen in Southern California, I was really confused: I didn’t think that BP was doing much with fuel cells these days. Now I […]

Australian voluntary carbon market Opened

by Nick BruseAustralia’s first carbon trading exchange opened last week and its now one week on. The initial prices for carbon was set at A$8.50 (US$7.50) per metric ton under the voluntary scheme. Current price isA$8.55 per metric ton. I’ve pieced together my research on the ACX from a variety of stories run after its […]

Westport – The Greening of Big Trucks

One of the companies I have followed for some time is Westport Innovations, Inc., (TSX:WPT) out of Vancouver. The technology and product suite allows large diesel trucks to run standard diesels on a 95% natural gas mix, enabling fuel switching as well as significantly improved NOx and PM, as well as CO2 emissions. The company’s […]

Blogroll Review: Credits, Charging, Coffee

by Frank Ling Don’t Leave Home Without It Many of us use credit cards to collect mileage point and other non-monetary credits. Now, we can use it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GE is introducing the Earth Rewards Credit Card, which will invest 1% of customer purchases into carbon off-setting. Joel Makower says developing the […]

Is IBM Going Solar?

Cleantech Blog has commented on the maturation of the solar sector for some time now. About a year ago, Cleantech Blog broke the story about Applied Material’s entry into the solar market with the San Francisco Chronicle. We have also written on solar concentrators, the coming of consolidation in the solar markets, inverter technology, and […]

The Problem With Polls

by Richard T. Stuebi Recently, I’ve been working more closely with people who are active in setting and shaping policies, and it’s clear that they’re wired differently from me. As an economist, my first question in considering policy usually is: “What are the costs and benefits?”. The policy-wonks tend to first ask: “What do the […]

Blogroll Review: Sinks, Oranges, Woz

by Frank Ling Power Bathroom For many years, the Japanese have recycled sink water for their toilets. Now an American company is taking it further. WaterSaver Technologies from Kentucky has developed the AQUS system, which Philip Proefrock at EcoGeek says: “…collects the water from a bathroom sink and filters and disinfects it before it gets […]

Big, Green Power is Flowing – But Where Are the Power Lines?

I had the opportunity recently to speak with Stuart Hemphill, the Director of Renewable and Alternative Power for Southern California Edison (SCE), the power company for Los Angeles and Southern California, on SCE’s activities and views of renewable and green power. SoCal Edison is a subsidiary of Edison International (NYSE:EIX). Stuart has a direct team […]

Ladylike, On-Demand

by Heather Rae for cleantechblog.com I am little like Princess Diana…soft, ethereal, ladylike, glowing, demure. I was even less like her as a pudgy college student, laying over in a very hot July Madrid, waiting for a flight back to the United States. The two Madrilena widows who ran a pensione out of their sprawling […]

Solar Energy…in Cleveland

by Richard T. Stuebi Last week, the American Solar Energy Society convened their annual national gathering in Cleveland. Yes, that’s right: Cleveland. [OK, if you must, insert your joke here] You might say that “Cleveland” and “solar” is an oxymoron. Coincident with an unusually sunny summer, many of us are trying to change that perception […]

Booming in Cleantech

by Nick Bruse We’ve been hearing a lot about whether or whether not there is a cleantech boom on at the moment. A new report by Topline Strategy Group weighs in with evidence that no boom is occuring in VC investments. An article on red herring’s website summarises the findings from the report, namely: Only […]

Sector Close Up- Renewable Energy – Solar Stocks Surge

Solar Stocks Surge on Significant Gains from JA Solar Holdings, First Solar and SunPower POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta B.C., July 12, 2007 – InvestorIdeas.com, a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing, issues Sector Close Up – Renewable Energy Stocks – Solar Stocks available now at InvestorIdeas.com Research as well […]

Cleantech vs. Greentech

Cleantech vs. Greentech The Cleantech vs. Greentech debate. I chaired the recent Greenvest 2007 conference in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago on investing in green technology. Nick Parker, Chairman of the Cleantech Group did an opening address on the state of the industry – which brought to mind the question of what exactly […]