Gertie Finds a New Home

On April 25, 2012, in Blog, by Heather Rae

Gertie is a camper — a “short” bus with a powerful International engine. In 2006, I drove her from Colorado to Maine while chronicling in this blog a quest for biodiesel fuel. This week, Gertie found a new home with the Maine Earth Walk Project. Her owner, the organizer and publicist for Maine Earth Walk, […]

Earth Day is coming: How do you rate on the Societal Responsibility Scale?

On April 18, 2011, in Blog, by Jane Lindner

Dutch Environmental Policy expert, Hans van Zigst, recently spoke on Societal Responsibility, specifically that society has an obligation to change behavior, the way we produce and the way we consume goods. This theme appears timely as we approach Earth Day on April 22, a date designated to demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. […]

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We Remember the Past, We Have Faith in the Future

On April 22, 2010, in Blog, by Neal Dikeman

Every year since we launched Cleantech Blog this week marks a massive inflow of green press releases, phone calls, announcements and interview requests.  It always seems oddly out of place, and anything important we have to say always just seems lost in the press of Earth Day. In reality this week is a week for […]

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