New Hands-Free Inductive Charging at Google

On March 23, 2011, in Blog, by John Addison

Google makes innovative use of electric vehicles and charging stations. For employees, Google took an early lead in converting Toyota Prii (yep that’s the official plural of Prius) to be plug-in hybrids. Then Google installed beautiful solar covered parking including charge stations so that electric cars can be charged with sunlight. At its headquarters, Google […]

BlogRoll Review: Space Beams, Leaded Batteries, and Sins

On April 16, 2009, in Blog, by Frank Ling

This seems like something out of a James Bond movie. There is a startup, Solaren, which is trying to build panels in space that converts sunlight into a radio frequency beam aimed at a receiving station near Fresno. The station then converts the radio waves into electricity. Megan Treacy at EcoGeek says: “If everything goes […]

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Blogroll Review: Beers, Cars, & Responsibility

On May 5, 2007, in Blog, by Frank Ling

Less Filling?Back in the 80’s, there was a great movie called “Back to the Future.” It was about a car that could time travel. There was also something about a boy and scientist trying to change the past …but they not succeed in preventing the Kennedy Assassination! At the end of the film, we realize […]

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