Cleantech Blog was set up in 2005 as one of the first blogs on cleantech – hence the name,!

We conceived of it as an informal home on the web for those of us seeking to expand the work in cleantech started by groups like the Cleantech Group and CleanEdge. For more history on cleantech, check out “What is Cleantech” the first history of the term cleantech which we wrote in 2008.

We took our original “spiritual leadership” from Rob Day’s Cleantech Investing Blog, Tyler Hamilton’s Clean Break, and James Fraser’s The Energy Blog.

We are a multiblog, and our bloggers deserve more credit than I do. We are not journalists, though we have several published authors in the group, most of us write about what we see and do in the sector every day. And not to reduce the efforts of the rest of us, but special thanks to Richard Stuebi, a long time cleantech executive and analyst who was our first blogger, and nearly 5 years later still starts every week for thousands of us with his Monday Thoughts on Cleantech column.


A few events we are proud of:

In 2006 only a few months after we launched we broke the story on Applied Materials, and later IBM’s entries into solar.

In 2007 we helped CNET/ launch into green anchoring their CNET Greentech Blog.

And in 2008 and 2009 we wrote for “A Capital Idea” column Sustainable Industries Magazine, and have swapped stories with leading sites like,,, and

In 2012 we were one of 5 blogs asked to help Christian Science Monitor anchor their launch of Energy Voices.


We have received many accolades over the years but are particularly proud of three:

50 Best Business Blogs, by the London Times

Kudos from Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster on WSJ’s Happy Blogiversary

Top Blog Mentioned in the Environmental Blog Roundup from


As sister to, we also built and operate the portal interactive web portal, and the largest social media in Cleantech, and the numbers are a tribute to our readers.  You should check out our linkedin group, with 30,000+ members

You can find each of our bloggers through their profiles, and feel free to reach out, or better yet post a comment and speak out!

– Neal Dikeman, Editor and Chief Blogger

The best way to reach me is on linkedin.