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$2 Bil Wind Acquisition

The cleantech sector received a huge boost this week from the news that Portugal’s EDP anounced the acquisition of Texas based Horizon Wind for a price of over $2 Bil. EDP operates globally in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. One of the intriguing aspects of this deal is the history. Horizon Wind was formerly Zilkha Renewable […]

Fuel Tech – Driving Profits by Cleaning up Coal

Fuel Tech (Nasdaq: FTEK) is one of the fast growing public greentech / cleantech companies focused on cleaning up dirty coal. I have known John Norris, the CEO of Fuel Tech, and his family for years, and have had the pleasure of following his career for some time. He’s one of the many former nuclear […]

Global Warming Solutions – Dell Style

Dell (Nasdaq:DELL), not known as a cleantech company, but long known for being a supply chain expert and direct marketing leader in PCs and electronic devices, is turning its attention to global warming – or at least working to provide consumers some greener product options and more consumer information. Earlier this year, Dell announced its […]

Cleantech: The Problem and Solution

Two interesting cleantech reports came out in the last couple of days. One talking about the problem, the other the solution. On the problem side, as reported in USA Today, a team of researchers working at Texas A&M found that increased pollution in Asia, primarily from the rise of industrialism in China over the last […]

Will Small Wind Get the Love that Solar Has?

Investment and growth in the cleantech sector has been driven in the last 2 to 3 years by the solar photovoltaic, large scale wind, and ethanol sectors. For years solar PV has, on a per kw basis relative to other technologies, received massive rebates and tax credits that underpinned its growth, and large scale wind […]

The Trouble with Water

Previously posted on Inside Greentech. There was an active discussion around water at the recent Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. As there always is. Everyone knows the old joke, applied to just about everything at one time or another, that runs: “hydrogen is the fuel of the future… and always will be,” or “Brazil is […]

RECs and Carbon Credits are a GOOD Thing

RECs and carbon credits are a GOOD thing, so stop bashing them. As an example a few months ago Inside Greentech had an article attacking renewable energy credits, singling out one such purchase by Wells Fargo, and comparing them to the indulgences sold by the Catholic Church to save your soul in the middle ages. […]

Big Ideas from Cleantech

I just returned after two days of action at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. Over 600 venture capitalists showed up, representative of the tremendous upsurge in investment in the sector. In huge investment news announced in conjunction with the forum – CalPERS commits $400 mm in investment to Cleantech. California strikes again. I tried […]

Ranking of Top 5 Cleantech Cities

SustainLane just ranked the top cities for cleantech incubation clusters in the nation and three out of five are in California. They are as follows: 1. Austin, TX2. San Jose, CA3. Berkeley, CA4. Pasadena, CA5. Greater Boston, MA Very detailed discussion on Joel Makower’s blog. Overview of SustainLane from their website: “SustainLane provides online sustainability […]

BP Awards $500 MM Bioconversion Research Center to Berkeley

BP announced the award of $500 MM Bioconversion research center to Berkeley. The award follows a process where BP had shortlisted several major universities, so I’m really glad to see a local university win it. I had a chance to meet with some of the BP technology team working on this project some months ago, […]

AeroVironment IPO – Technology Developer Makes Good in Market

Aerovironment, Inc. (Nasdaq:AVAV) priced its $114 mm IPO this week, with Goldman Sachs as the lead underwriter. Shares popped up 54%. From the prospectus “We design, develop, produce and support a technologically-advanced portfolio of small unmanned aircraft systems that we supply primarily to organizations within the U.S. Department of Defense, and fast charge systems for […]

Ethanol, NAFTA, Tortillas and Walmart?

Quick, what do Ethanol, NAFTA, Mexican Tortillas and Walmart have in common? Don’t know? Well here’s the story. I am fascinated by the discussion about ethanol feedstocks issues. There has been a lot of talk about corn production for ethanol either crowding out beef or food production, or driving up the price of food, or […]

EEStor and Zenn Motors – What’s the real story?

As reported in the Energy Blog and Clean Break, EEStor, a perenially stealthy Kleiner Perkins backed energy storage startup (KP invested $3 mm in EEStor according to the Zenn filings), is reportedly slated to deliver product to Canadian electric car maker Zenn (“Zero Emission No Noise”) formerly Feel Good Cars Inc, in 2007. Zenn’s business […]

BP Chief John Browne Stepping Down

BP Chief Lord John Browne is stepping down in July. This suprise announcement is over a year earlier than previously expected. BP’s press release. The change will be the end of an era for BP. Despite BP’s recent problems in 2006, it was under Browne’s leadership that BP helped initiate the age of the mega-mergers […]

Energy Independence? Not Interested

Energy Independence? Not interested. Why should I care about just getting us out of the oil import hole? Instead, I want to see the US back to being the energy export king of the world. Targeting energy independence in my mind is kind of a defeatist, reactive goal. My personal feelings on what should be […]

@ventures Strikes Again – Cleantech VC Moves

@ventures continues its push into Cleantech. The venture capital business of CMGI continues building its bench strength in cleantech with the addition of Rob Day, formerly with Expansion Capital, and the author of the popular Cleantech Investing blog. Almost exactly a year ago, @ventures excecs Marc Poirier and Peter Mills had hired Matt Horton away […]

Cleantech Blog Experts Available for Media & Speaking

All our Cleantech Blog columnists are experts in their fields. Some of them are available for media interviews and quotes, speaking engagements and consulting. You can find biographies, areas of expertise and contact information for the columnists who have agreed to be available for comments below. Contributing Columnists: Neal Dikeman, Founder Cleantech Blog, Partner at […]