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Cleantech AIM Listing in Superconductors – Zenergy Power

Five days after announcing news of the closing of a merger between SC Power Systems in the US, and Trithor in Germany, two long time superconducting technology players, the parent company Zenergy Power plc listed on the London AIM exchange (AIM:ZEN)/(ZEN.L) at a c. US $54 million market cap, and then traded up 15% on […]

More on the Ethanol Debate

Robert Rapier on the Oil Drum has a very readable blog on a discussion between he and Vinod Khosla arguing about some of the major issues in ethanol. He had previously put up a blog called Vinod Khosla Debunked, detailing and then attacking some of Khosla’s arguments about the future of ethanol. The combination of […]

Top 10 Energy Technologies to Watch in Cleantech

From big corporate to grass roots, new (and old, but recycled) energy technologies under the banner of cleantech are changing the way we relate to energy and the earth. The ones to watch: Solar Energy – The worldwide solar photovoltaic industry installed 1,400 megawatts of new capacity last year, almost enough new power to supply […]

Unversity Solar Car Challenge Time Again

A friend sent this over today, and I thought it was interesting to blog on, most of the commentary below is his reprinted. Thanks Chris. Also check out a blog we did a while back on the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Beginning on July 16th, high school students from the US, Puerto Rico and […]

Death of Enron Founder Ken Lay

Enron founder Ken Lay died today, apparently of a heart attack at age 64. Despite the massive scandals and fall from grace of Enron, I still have a great deal of respect for what Ken Lay and the company he built accomplished over the past 20 years. On the good: Built a $100 Billion/year business, […]

Cleantech, Biofuels and Fuel Diversification

Bio fuels along with solar are rapidly becoming one of the twin cylinders of the Cleantech industry. Jim Fraser on the Energy Blog has a very interesting blog this week triggered by Washington Post article about the availability of biofuels feedstocks as a limiting/contributing factor to bio fuels growth. My belief is that if the […]

Recently Licensed Gas Centrifuge Facility for Uranium Enrichment

I recently picked up a news article on the licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of what’s billed as the first major nuclear processing facility permitted in the US in 30 years. Announcement here. Called the National Enrichment Facility, it will be the only privately owned source for commercial enriched uranium. The license is issued […]

Cleantech Investment Forum in Palo Alto, California

Announcement of an interesting looking Cleantech forum coming up in Palo Alto, put on by the Asia America MultiTechnology Association. Clean Technology: Investments, Technology, and Policy Date: Tuesday – June 27, 2006 Time: 6:00PM Cost: $25 for Members, $45 for non-Members; +$15 after June 21th; +$15 at the door Location: Ming’s Restaurant – 1700 Embarcadero […]

Mount Everest and Ethics – What’s wrong with people?

Though it’s not one of my usual energy blogs, I couldn’t pass this one up. Below is a link to a story about a climber, Daniel Mazur, a professional guide from Summit Climb, who cost himself a chance to summit Mt. Everest last week (as well as his two paying clients, apparently) when they stopped […]

More Capital Markets Stories for Cleantech in Ethanol

Ethanol stories, along with solar, continue to drive the cleantech market upwards, securing aggressive valuations. Unlike the solar industry, with many of its major IPOs overseas, ethanol still has big appeal as a homegrown US industry. Check out some of the numerous ethanol posts on Cleantech Investing blog, investor debate, ethanol IPOs. Last week Pacific […]

DOE SBIR Spending Light on Hydrogen, Heavy on Nuclear

I read through the award list for the DOE 2005 SBIR Phase IIs. Total dollars awarded was around $70 mm. What was really interesting, and a bit of change from previous years, little SBIR money in hydrogen or conventional oil & gas, and heavy in nuclear, fusion, high energy physics and carbon/greenhouse gas research. Of […]

Location, Location, Location

There is uproar over the cost of gasoline. Congress is threatening a windfall tax on oil companies. State governments are suing. Even former oilman President George Bush announced that “we are addicted to oil.” The IRS now lets us deduct 44.5 cents per mile for our business driving. Odds are that you are not making […]

Berkeley Green Home EXPO – Local Cleantech Support

Cleantechblog is sponsoring the Berkeley Green Home EXPO coming up in April. We are excited to see local support for energy tech and cleantech, and are happy to support Berkeley’s efforts in sustainability, solar, clean energy and cleantech. Announcement below: Energy Independence to Be Focus of Berkeley’s 3rd Annual Green Home EXPOPanel to be moderated […]