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Two New Cleantech Market Reports

There a couple of new clean tech market reports available now detailing investment activity in the sector. Jeffrey Castellas of the Cleantech Forum in Melbourne, where I had the privilege of speaking at their inaugural 2005 event, has published a 2005 Benchmark report on the Australian Cleantech Sector. It is available for download at: http://www.cleantechforum.com/index.php?page=Benchmark […]

Recent Energy News on Global Policy

Global warming action supported by evangelical Christians A group of 85 evangelical Christian leaders in the US, including Rick Warren, have initiated a campaign to back legislation opposed by the Bush Administration to fight. They are helping to launch an advertising campaign to support legislation like the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. Oil prices are a […]

California’s Energy Tech Funding Keeps Rolling

California has a large and broad energy usage, and a very diverse energy mix. We also have one of the best energy tech funding programs in the country, as fitting with our status. A bit on both. A few of our California energy statistics to think about: We get 42% of our oil from our […]

Limitations on Metals Not Usually Addressed by Cleantech

This article on LiveScience comments on an area that we do not discuss that often in the Cleantech world, but gets more attention in sustainability discussions: namely that the base raw materials that we use are running down, as well as our fossil fuel energy sources. The Live Science.com article primarily quoted a Yale University […]

Old Dams = Opportunity for Smallscale Hydro?

I read a article (see below) recently about the state of the river dams in the US. The article quoted a number of something like 80,000 large dams. Article on Old Dams The author seems quite concerned in the wake of Katrina about the safety and replacement of aging dams. With good reason, as dating […]

Welcome to a New Blogger – Mark Bitterman, Editor of Superconductor Week

I want to welcome our new blogger – Mark Bitterman, the Editor of Superconductor Week. Mark is the leading journalist and writer on the superconductor industry. He is the Executive Editor of Superconductor Week, which is the most comprehensive and widely read newsletter covering the technology and commercialization of superconductors. Superconductor Week does original reporting, […]

More Cleantech News – Honda Enters the Solar Business

There is more bad news for cleantech startups looking for an easy time of it in the solar business. Honda has announced it is entering the solar business and will start shipping from a 27.5 MW plant next year. Good news perhaps, for the industry overall, further validating that we are in a massive growth […]

Chinese Solar Company Headed to the NYSE

Catching in on two booms – the boom in Chinese firms headed to the US stock exchanges, and the boom in solar IPOs, Suntech Power, has filed to list on Nasdaq. They are raising $300 mm in ADRs, and reporting revenues of the last 9 months of $137 mm 13% profit. That puts them in […]

Has Broadband over Power Lines Finally Made it?

TXU just announced that it is spending $150 mm over 10 years to roll-out power line carriage or BPL (broadband over power lines) – delivery of broadband internet access of powerlines. TXU Article. This a major win for cleantech investors, and could add a new player to the crowded world of highspeed internet access. The […]

Kyoto, Carbon Credits, and a Big Market for Cleantech

I have just returned from a trip to London to evaluate some business opportunities in carbon trading stemming from the commencement of the Kyoto protocol. I was surprised by the level and intensity of interest in this market. A few relevant trends I noticed: Significant interest by investors in carbon and emissions trading. Including numerous […]

Fuel cell membrane/MEA market dynamics

The core technology in PEM fuel cells remains the MEA and membrane. Stack technology is becoming a commodity. But the solution to a low cost long term durable high performance membrane is elusive. The major player Dupont still owns this market with their nafion category of products. Several challengers have risen to try their hand, […]

Oil prices continue slide – Impact on Cleantech?

Oil prices continue a downward spiral. Oil has dropped to $58 from a high of $70. We have been saying on Cleantechblog for sometime that the oil market was overheated. Big questions of the day – how does this impact cleantech? A couple of quick thoughts. – Can a prolonged slide in oil prices and […]