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The Cleantech LP Conundrum

Cleantech limited partners have a big conundrum. It’s called unrealized gains. After years of struggling, cleantech investors are now quietly but optimistically beginning to talk about impressive gains in their funds. Unfortunately, the elephant behind them that LPs are beginning to talk about is the prevalence of massive unrealized gains from the behemoth solar, biofuels […]

Concentrating PV – The Artificial Industry

About 2 to 3 years ago, CPV was all the rage among solar startups and especially their venture investors. But none of them ever came to market. I’ve been calling this one a siren’s song since the beginning. An artificial market enabled by venture capitalists desperate to find the next big thing. The story ran […]

Boone Pickens Mega Texas Wind Farm on Ice

Short and sweet. Boone Pickens announced this week that his mega wind farm was icing an eventual 4,000 MW windfarm this week. Apparently he’s looking for buyers for $2 Bill in turbines. A far cry from a year ago when your credibility as a wind developer hung in part on whether or not you had […]

The Past Few Hectic Weeks in Climate Change

The last few weeks have seen a number of big moves in climate policy. US EPA Lets California Regulate GHG Emissions in Cars – On June 30, 2009, the US EPA backed off and let California Air Resources Board proceed with its longstanding plans to regulate greenhouse emissions from cars, after long resistance from the […]

The Rules in Cleantech

I’ve now been asked enough times, that at the risk of destroying what little edge Jane Capital may have in cleantech, I finally got around to blogging our “Rules” in cleantech investing and business in general. Hopefully it will stimulate some good debate. One of the things that makes cleantech different from other investing areas, […]

Announcing Our Cleantech Blog Space Biodiesel Project

After the recent announcements about space solar projects, Cleantech Blog is announcing our Space Biodiesel project. “We are excited about space solar, it’s like a moon shot – huge and available. Suprisingly enough, the near earth orbit biodiesel development rights have not yet been locked up.” – SBP cofounder Alexandra Tesla, great granddaughter of the […]

The Efficacy of Biofuels from Algae on Cleantech.org

I usually don’t do this, but a couple of days ago we had a post on Cleantech.org’s Linked In group around algal processes, feedstocks, and the recent DOE solicitation, that engendered a lively discussion, in part taking off from the recent demise of Green Fuels. While many of you know I am not personally a […]

Director of Congressional Bugdet Office on Cap and Trade

A couple of days ago the Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf wrote about his Senate testimony on cap and trade revenue redistribution on his blog late last week. Worth a quick read, the main text below. The full 28 page testimony is linked in his note. It’s worth noting that the homepage of the […]

In the Beginning … All Costs Were External

By Ed Beardsworth Are we in just another cycle, where we charge ahead with renewables and care for the environment, but then forget all about it when oil prices drop? The saga is all too familiar, and cynics can’t be blamed for seeing deja-vu all over again. This time, however, it feels different. Reality seems […]

The REAL Story on Moore’s Law for Solar

All new industries seem to think they deserve a Moore’s Law. The photovoltaic solar really, really thinks it deserves one, since it kind of sort of looks like a semiconductor business: Photovoltaic Moore’s Law Will Make Solar Competitive by 2015, IEEE.org, Understanding Moore’s Law, DistributedEnergy.com, and Silicon Valley Starts to Turn Its Face to the […]

Cleantech Blog Power 5 – Top Investors in Cleantech

I’ve been warning about a massive mispricing of risk in cleantech investing for years. Cleantech Venture Capitalists Beware – What You Don’t Know About Energy Can Kill You Beware the Allure of Ethanol Investing Is there a cleantech bubble? Experts don’t think so That certainly doesn’t mean that cleantech investing is bad. On the contrary, […]

Cleantech Blog "Power 10" Ranking Vol II 2009

Last year I did my first “Power 10” ranking for 2008 of cleantech companies, and the response was so good we’re doing it again. I spend most of my day meeting and talking to companies in the cleantech sector. And those of you who know me know I have opinions on who is doing it […]

Superconducting Blackout Protection Device for Smart Grid

Today, Zenergy Power plc (AIM:ZEN), a company I am a cofounder of, announced that ConEd, one of thought leaders in the utility sector on transmission & distribution technology (conventional wisdom says they have to be, as given its tremendous load in a small area, the Manhattan grid is devilishly tricky to operate), has agreed to […]

Cleantech Crunched

The cleantech crunch is on. And a few juicy tidbits are coming to light. Optisolar – Crunched. Several 9 figures into it, what do we find? The only thing of real value are the development deals in a post subsidy boom year. Is it a “financial market” issue? Only if manufacturing and technology development are […]


By Guest Columnist Sonia Medina, US Country Manager, Ecosecurities At 24, a recent graduate from Oxford, I thought the idea of joining a tiny consultancy firm doing carbon reduction projects was something very cool. At the time, I did not mind that I had to cycle 5 miles across town to work at a country […]