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The Hub Lab Seeks Revolutionary New Energy Science

Last Spring, our friend and colleague Dr. Ed Beardsworth undertook a new assignment as the Technology Director of the Hub Lab (in parallel with his continuing role at Jane Capital). Given the Hub Lab’s mission, and Ed’s role in the cleantech industry as the consummate technology scout since the mid 1990s before cleantech was cleantech, […]

Cleantech’s Solar Conundrum

The solar market is still going strong, despite the financial crisis, and turmoil in some of its key markets. But that doesn’t mean all is well on the venture financing end. As a number of longtime Silicon Valley solar darlings start to demand even more serious money to build plants for commercialization, the financing picture […]

Carbon Trading, The Game

At our company Christmas party this year we played Carbon Trading, The Game. Bascially, I devised a simple cap and trade game in a power sector, and then we played out four rounds to see what happened. The results were an interesting summary of how small rules can have big impacts in the outcome. And […]

Best of Blogroll: Kanellos on the Most Paranoid Cleantech Companies

Best of our Blogroll: I could not resist for a Friday afternoon offering up Michael Kanellos’ pithy (and dead-on) chronicling of the most paranoid startups in the cleantech world. Utterly hilarious. First Solar, Bloom Energy, EEStor and Solyndra of course make the list. And the Cleantech Avenger last week had some quite entertaining speculation about […]

The Future of Power

While I don’t blog on it often, most of you know I was heavily involved in the founding of company called Zenergy Power plc (AIM:ZEN), one of the leading companies in high temperature superconductor technology. The origins of Zenergy began with the formation of SC Power Systems to commercialize a fault current limiter (“FCL”) technology […]

Obama’s Cabinet Choices – Fantasy League Style

Here are my picks for the key Cabinet posts both for cleantech and the country – if we REALLY want change we can believe in: Secretary of State – Colin Powell. My longtime pick for the first non white President. He should have run. From either party. He would have had my vote. Smart, collected, […]

Election Predictions for Cleantech and Carbon in a Post Obama World

At the risk of sounding like I’m flip flopping, here are the top 5 reasons tonight’s election results mean lots of money for cleantech investors (and, unfortunately, my pocket). 1. An Illinois President and Democratic Congress equals good odds for corn ethanol and a Renewable Fuels Standard. 2. Think massive subsidies, loan guarantees and R&D […]

Open Letter to the Next President

A few thoughts for our next President and Congress, whoever may win. You should run our country like we do our own households, live within your means. Spend what you have, not what you’d like to have. When in doubt, just say no. Just because the benefits of a policy are good, does not mean […]

VantagePoint Snares Kiwi Cleantech Venture Capital Talent

Leading cleantech venture capital firm VantagePoint Venture Partners this week lured away New Zealand power sector veteran Helen Priest to join its Silicon Valley office in cleantech. Helen had been heading corporate ventures for Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s largest and all renewable state-owned power company. With a reputation for being one of the largest cleantech […]

The Shiny Copper Penny Plan for Energy and Cleantech

I wrote a piece last week arguing that McCain / Palin was my energy/cleantech dream ticket, and promptly got slammed by my readers on the left (who generally think McCain’s plans for the environment /cleantech investing are nowhere near aggressive enough and that Palin is way too conservative), AND friends on the right (who think […]

McCain-Palin is the Energy / Cleantech Dream Ticket

John McCain picked first term Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his veep choice today. I love this pick. She’s a 44 yer old first term, youngest and first, woman Governor of Alaska. She’s known as a maverick and anti-establishment in Alaska, and has taken on Republicans and the oil industry over ethics and pork. […]

What is Cleantech?

By Neal Dikeman Google recently opened its Wikipedia competitor, styled “knol” or unit of knowledge. I wrote a definition of what is cleantech to put up on knol, and upon reflection, it’s probably an overview worth passing around. Cleantech, also referred to as clean technology, and often used interchangeably with the term greentech, has emerged […]

Is Al Gore Nuts?

In his speech in Constitution Hall this week, former Vice President and renewable energy investor Al Gore extolled a stretch goal challenging America to achieve 100% renewable power within 10 years. The quote: “Today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources […]

The Dating Rules for CIGS in Solar

I’ve been saying for a while, that with enough money, someone is bound to crack the CIGS nut in thin film, and deliver the cleantech sector another First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) like renaissance for the always around the corner technology. That’s not because it’s easy, or even because it’s a good idea to try, but when […]

The Next Big Thing in Cleantech Venturing

As always, the venture community is looking for its next big thing. The cleantech world is no exception. Despite the dearth of exits, so much capital has flowed into the cleantech sector that investors need new places to put it. So despite my promise to certain friends not to blog certain funding rumors in each […]

Cleantech Blog Looking for Bloggers

Bloggers wanted. I have been blessed with leading a great group of bloggers on Cleantech Blog for nearly three years now, including people like Richard Stuebi (renewable energy and policy), Heather Rae (green marketing and home), John Addison (transportation), with recent additions Mark Henwood (stocks) and Cristina Foung (green consumer products), and support over the […]