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And Just How Good is the Air in YOUR House?

We sell a lot of indoor air quality test kits.  I wonder why?  Possibly because breathing is kind of important, and people generally prefer there air without bad stuff in it.   Hmmmmmmmmh.  Or maybe because they just want to tell their neighbor our air is better than your air.  Or throw the question back to their […]

Bio “degrade” that Grease Away

Biodegradable. Hypo-Allergenic. Phosphate Free. What more is there is say? Only $24, Charlie’s soap cleaning kit contains three amazing cleaning products you cannot be without – Laundry Powder, All Purpose Cleaner and a Pocket cleaner! Charlie’s Soap is environmentally friendly to all land, air and marine life, when used as directed, because it contains only […]

Greening is a Term That’s Tough to Define

Greening is a term that’s tough to define, and it’s getting more confusing for buyers every day.  I try to keep it simple: being “green” means making decisions that are better: making decisions that have a positive environmental impact, no matter how big or small that impact is. How did you get started in green […]

Water, Water, Why Don’t You Save Yourself?

Water saving devices are often the unsung hero, forgotten solider, forlorn hope, and every other bad war cliche you can think of.  But it really is important to do our part in the fight for water conservation.  That’s one reason we started carrying the Instant Off Water Saver, (a pack of 3 is only $20 […]

Ionize Away Them Thar Spots and Stains

We’ve carried a wide range of San Francisco based Orbeco’s Ion based cleaning supplies for a long time, and are just about the only place on the web you can get them!  It’s a long time favorite of our hospitality small business customers. Name: Guy de Lacrose, COO Company: Orbeco, Inc. The Orbeco Story The […]

“NEVER use disposables! It will change your life.”

As you can see from the something like 399 organic cotton products we carry, it’s a huge item in greening your home and business.  I think it’s the passion in her view of her business that makes it so wonderful.   I just have to introduce Julie with two lines from her bio: “Business Is Personal.” “I don’t think […]

Greening = Yellow+ Blue, as Long as it’s Recycled

Everyone needs office supplies.  Preferably those that do no harm to the environment we live in (or as little harm as possible). Name:    David Stober, CEO Company:  ReBinder What’s your personal definition of greening? The combination of blue and yellow 🙂 Aligning environmental considerations with personal or business and economic. How did you get started […]

Tree Free Sneezing

Nothing quite like the mental picture of sneezing or blowing your nose into a tree free tissue, now is there?  Except perhaps the image of blowing your sweet nose into sugar cane tissue! Name:  Ralph Bianculli, Jr Company/Products: Emerald Brand, Tree Free Facial Tissue What’s your personal definition of greening? A product made in an […]

When Does BYOB Not Stand for “Bring Your Own Beer”?

Michelle, I’m loving the Earth Angel and BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag phrases.  But then again I like bags, reading funny t-shirts and bumper stickers, and the Earth, so it figures. Name: Michelle Jayme, Owner/Uber Designer (Editor’s words, not Michelle’s) Company: Bag Revolution What’s your personal definition of greening? Live with the future in […]

What’s So Threatening About a Plastic Straw?

David, replacing plastic straws with glass is definitely not the first thing I think of when going green.  It just goes to show how small green can go. Name: David Leonhardt, Owner/Founder Company:  GlassDharma What’s your personal definition of greening?  Anything that promotes and contributes to our environment in such a way that it improves […]

Not Just Totes for Totes Sa(c)ke – How Green are You?

Nice to hear from you Marcelle.  Reusable shopping bags have become the rage.  My wife just leaves a stack of them in her car. Name:  Marcelle Bakula, Owner & Original Cold Callin’ Tote Sales Person Company: SteppingStones (manufacturer of the EcoSac Reusable Shopping Bag System) What’s your personal definition of greening? Awareness of human’s impacts […]

Our Green Executives Speak Out

The Green Home Blog is very excited to begin profiling the owners and executives at a few of the companies making and supplying the green and ecofriendly products you’ve come to know and love from us.  Many of our friends and suppliers have been in the green business since way before it was cool, and […]