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The World’s Energy Portfolio Needs Rebalancing – NOW

The World’s Energy Portfolio Needs Rebalancing – NOW Point Roberts, South Salem, New York- August 17, 2010 – Investorideas.com and its green investor portal, www.renewableenergystocks.com publish new energy market commentary from solar contributor, J. Peter Lynch . The World’s Energy Portfolio Needs Rebalancing – NOW!!!J Peter Lynch Solar Stocks Commentary with J Peter Lynch http://www.renewableenergystocks.com/PL/ […]

What is Your Water Really Worth?

Hydrocommerce Corner-Where Water & Money Meet Brought to Investors by http://www.investorideas.com/ and its water investing portal, http://www.water-stocks.com/ January 26, 2010 Edition By William S. BrennanBio and more info: http://www.water-stocks.com/Bill_Brennan/ What is Your Water Really Worth? A typical day for most adults in the western hemisphere begins with a cup of coffee, a shower and a […]

Investors can watch for the following green stocks coming to market in 2010: CDXS, JKS, DQ, SOLY

Green IPO Watch at Renewableenergystocks.com Reports on Announced IPO’s in Biofuel and Solar www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com, a leading investor news and research portal for the renewable energy sector within www.Investorideas.com, reports on recent green IPO’s announced in biofuel and solar markets. Investors can watch for the following green stock listings in 2010: CDXS, JKS, DQ, SOLY. Codexis, […]

DOE Signs Agreement with Wind Energy Industry Leaders, Aims at 20% Electrical Generation

DOE Signs Agreement with Wind Energy Industry Leaders, Aims at 20% Electrical Generation by 2030June 02, 2008HOUSTON, TX. — On June 2, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Alexander Karsner, announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DOE and six leading wind industry turbine manufacturers: GE Energy, […]

Sector Close Up- Renewable Energy – Solar Stocks Surge

Solar Stocks Surge on Significant Gains from JA Solar Holdings, First Solar and SunPower POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta B.C., July 12, 2007 – InvestorIdeas.com, a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing, issues Sector Close Up – Renewable Energy Stocks – Solar Stocks available now at InvestorIdeas.com Research as well […]

Consumers Continue to Demand Environmentally Friendly Cars and Automakers Respond with Electric, Plug-in Hybrids and Flex-Fuel ‘Green’ Vehicles

Issues of Global Warming, Fuel Prices and Energy Independence Drive Demand for Cleantech Vehicles As the auto industry faces recent slipping sales, clean energy vehicles are catching the attention of consumers looking for efficiency and environmentally friendly alternatives, giving manufacturers a new direction for growth. The momentum behind green cars is a reaction to a […]

Investments into Clean Energy Continue to Significantly Increase through Funding Activities of Clinton, Branson, Venture Capitalists and State Support

RenewableEnergyStocks.com Follows the Money in Renewable Energy and Looks at Market Upside Support from New Funding Efforts Despite the downturn in renewable energy stocks since Spring of this year, the growth in new money being put into cleantech projects has significantly increased. The strength in the flow of investments acts as an indicator for long […]

China’s Attempt to Balance the Environment and a Rapidly Growing Economy Drives Innovation and Investment in Renewable Energy, Water and Healthcare

With China’s growth at double digit rates into the first half of the year, the environmental concerns and pollution problems are escalating as quickly as the economy, with an estimated 76 reported pollution incidents in the past 8 months. The impact of rapid industrialization has created massive environmental problems in the water air and soil, […]

Green Energy Virtual Stock Challenge- Are you the Ultimate Green Technology Investor?

Just a quick note to let everyone know that RenewableEnergyStocks.com and GreenTechInvestor.com has announced its first virtual investor contest. The contest starts investors with $200,000 in virtual dollars to invest in green companies of choice from a list provided by RenewableEnergyStocks.com. The current stock list includes a cross section of public companies trading on OTC, […]

Traveling the Highway to a Renewable Energy Future: A Look At Innovation in Transportation

As oil consumption patterns are targeted for change, the market turns towards innovators who are getting behind the wheel to produce new energy solutions. With the growing level of support of alternative transportation technology steadily gaining momentum from a corporate, government and consumer level, innovations such as cleaner fuel sources, and energy efficient automotive technology […]

Green Technology and Energy Efficiency Developments Driven by Government Support and Need for Alternative Energy Production

The renewable energy market is evolving in the US with respect to the impact of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. While concerns are increasing over how long global oil supplies will match consumer needs, the pathway is widening for companies offering technological and environmental solutions. With increasing support from a Federal level and individual […]

Greener Miles

Greener MilesFord (F) is offering Ford owners a new way to balance their choice of automobiles with a growing need to be environmentally responsible. As consumers find the shift difficult to make , they can feel they are making a positive contribution to a future generation of clean energy users . “Greener Miles” will allow […]

Corporate Changes and Positioning- Home Depot Eco Options

Large corporations are now taking the movement to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency to new levels never seen before. It is no longer just to appease a small demographic customer base, but now part of corporate business plans moving forward. HOME DEPOT INC (NYSE:HD)http://www.homedepot.com/ is addressing their customers that are “more concerned than ever about […]

India’s growing renewable energy market

India and China’s growing economies are adding to the current global oil dependency as world oil demand is estimated to reach 90 million barrels per day (bpd) before the end of this decade. With current prices fluctuating in the $60’s and experts such as T Boon Pickens saying we could see $100 barrel, there is […]

Renewable Energy’s Mainstream Moves

In an effort to create what has come to be understood as a diversified energy portfolio, renewable energy has become a key component to our energy future. The market can certainly be evaluated based on increases in industry participants, growing adoption rates, larger revenue levels, international expansion and even by the growing number of renewable […]

‘2005 Year of the Solar Stocks’

Looking back, 2005 stands out as a turning point year as more solar related companies entered the public market helping the solar industry to attract an increased level of investor interest. This is supported by a comparison of the performance in 2005 of 7 solar related public companies that trade on major US stock markets […]

RenewableEnergyStocks.com New Feature for Freelance Journalists and Industry Experts to Contribute Industry Content

Our firm, InvestorIdeas.com, is looking for writer contributions for RenewableEnergyStocks.com. We take an investor perspective on the renewable/clean energy industry looking at the various challenges, innovative technology and overall market opportunities. For those interested I’m posting the announcement below or feel free to contact me directly at afleming@investorideas.com. InvestorIdeas.com™ offers a new feature for freelance […]

Newly Formed Relationship Between RenewableEnergyStocks.com and Cleantechblog.com

I am pleased to announce a newly formed relationship between RenewableEnergyStocks.com (RES), and Cleantechblog.com that will see a merger of quality blog content covering the renewable energy industry. This partnership will incorporate blog postings from the Clean Energy News Blog written by our own weekly renewable energy columnist Catherine Lacoursiere, the RES blog covering market […]

China’s IPO Momentum and Drive for Alternative and Clean Energy

The success of Suntech Power Holdings Ltd and SunPower Corp’s IPO’s, suggests an increased investor interest in the renewable energy industry and bodes well for future Chinese public offerings in this sector. According to Julie Blunden, Vice President of External Affairs for SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR),”The drivers in China are a combination of how fast […]