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Blogroll Review: Dam, Leadership, and Lime

by Frank Ling Red Sea Power A recent study shows that damming the Red Sea could provide 50 GW of emissions free hydroelectric power. This would be the largest power plant in the world. However, tens of thousands of people would have to be displaced, not to mention untold ecological damage. Hank Green at EcoGeek […]

Blogroll Review: Termite, LED Safety, Extreme Green

by Frank Ling Mighty Bugs If weeds are plants out of place, then termites must be bugs out of place. Every year, termites cause billions of dollars of damage to lumber. It’s also well known that bacteria and their enzymes in the gut of these termites can break down wook and other plant materials to […]

Blogroll Review: Campaigns, Hype, and Linux

by Frank Ling Getting Presidential With global warming and rising prices of energy on the minds of Americans, the presidential candidates have undoubtedly begun to think about energy policy for their platforms. Jim Fraser at The Energy Blog writes that: “The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has published a comparison of the energy policy positions […]

Blogroll Review: Recycling, Peacock, and Helix

by Frank Ling Big Blue Recycles Just when we think that there is a shortage in crystalline silicon for solar panels, Big Blue is coming to the rescue. IBM has developed a method to recycle silicon wafers from the computer chip industry. Jim Fraser at The Energy Blog writes that: “The new process uses a […]

Blogroll Review: Beer, Homes, and Geo

by Frank Ling This Kirin’s For You! Even beer manufacturers are now getting on board the bio-ethanol train. In Japan, the Ministry of Agriculture has selected Mitsubishi Corporation and Kirin Brewery Co. to build a bioethanol production plant for a “fuel-grade bioethanol production project” in the Tokachi District of Hokkaido. In the latest article featured […]

Blogroll Review: Building Green & Windy Texas

by Frank Ling Efficient Buildings Energy efficiency is touted by many experts as the least cost approach for lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from building use. A survey released by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development shows that builders often overstate the of costs of implementing these energy saving measures. Joel Makower at Two […]

Blogroll Review: Flash, Reforestation, ED

by Frank Ling Memory Revolution Here’s another example of nanotechnology contributing to energy efficiency. Through improved ability to manufacture memory, flash is starting to replace traditional hard drive applications. Hank Green at EcoGeek writes: “There’s a lot of reasons to herald the dawn of flash-based hard drives. They’re faster, smaller, silent and, of course, tremendously […]

Blogroll Review: Sustainable Snobbery, Curry, Wind Tower

by Frank Ling My Sustainability is Greener Than Your Sustainability In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says that people are motivated by a sense of importance. For many people that means gaining status. Now that green is entering the mainstream, it is also a status symbol among a growing […]

Blogroll Review: Credits, Charging, Coffee

by Frank Ling Don’t Leave Home Without It Many of us use credit cards to collect mileage point and other non-monetary credits. Now, we can use it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GE is introducing the Earth Rewards Credit Card, which will invest 1% of customer purchases into carbon off-setting. Joel Makower says developing the […]

Blogroll Review: Sinks, Oranges, Woz

by Frank Ling Power Bathroom For many years, the Japanese have recycled sink water for their toilets. Now an American company is taking it further. WaterSaver Technologies from Kentucky has developed the AQUS system, which Philip Proefrock at EcoGeek says: “…collects the water from a bathroom sink and filters and disinfects it before it gets […]

Blogroll Review: Soy, Dreams, Stealing

by Frank Ling Renewable Warfare When you think of biofuels, the military may be last place that comes of mind. But major defense contractor Honeywelll has announced plans to accelerate the development of military jet fuels from vegetable and algae. Jim Fraser at the Energy Blog says: “Fuel produced by the new process is expected […]

Blogroll Review: Bottles, Biobutanol, Bagasse

by Frank Ling DIY Solar Water Heater The Chinese have done it again. In a country that puts waste to good use, they have found another use for beer bottles: solar water heating. Matt James writes about a Chinese farmer who made his own solar heater in the EcoGeek blog: “…we get the story of […]

Blogroll Review: Grid, Bubbles, and Lead

by Frank Ling Going off the grid180,000 American household must be onto something if they can live without the grid. Despite the costs of setting up your own distributed generation, Richard Perez, publisher of Home Power magazine, says that this number increases by one-third each year. On this this week’s Energy Blog, Jim Fraser says: […]

Blogroll Review: Grease, Weddings, & Ethanol

Grease PowerLooks like folks collecting used vegetable oil for their biodiesel vehicles will be getting competition from….big oil! On the Energy Blog, oil wastes and sludge can be recycled into electricity: “Chevron Energy Solutions, a Chevron (NYSE: CVX) subsidiary, today announced that it has begun engineering and construction of a system at the City of […]

Blogroll Review: Beers, Cars, & Responsibility

Less Filling?Back in the 80’s, there was a great movie called “Back to the Future.” It was about a car that could time travel. There was also something about a boy and scientist trying to change the past …but they not succeed in preventing the Kennedy Assassination! At the end of the film, we realize […]

Blogroll Review: CO, Surveys, & Phones

Conservation of energyCarbon monoxide or CO is not your friend. It binds to your hemoglobin and your brain starves from a lack of oxygen. But like all molecules out there, it’s not really good or evil. It’s just trying to maximize its entropy. With biofuels now in the spotlight, some have proposed converting CO into […]

Blogroll Review: Vegan Power, Lasers, & 18 Seconds

Going Green? Go Vegan. Who says grocery shopping can save greenhouse gas emissions? Perhaps those who just buy vegan. That’s right. Choosing the right products at your supermarket can impact your carbon footprint. Jessica Marmor at the Wall Street Journal provides an in-depth analysis of different strategies at home, on the road and in the […]