– A portal for clean technology commercialization is a a new web portal launching soon as a meeting and resource place for people like us who are looking to commercialize technologies relating to energy and the environment, whether in fuel cells, solar, environmental remediation, water purification, alternative energy, power, wind, renewables, green building, or anything else of similar bent.

My company, Jane Capital, is a founding sponsor of The site is expected to go live at the end of October (until then the URL just points to this site). This is the early scoop on the site, and we are very excited to be a part of it!

The portal is designed around the following:

  • List and application form for all of the incubators and angel investor networks that are interested in clean tech.
  • Reverse job board, a posting forum for executives, angels, advisors, scientists, engineers, and students to find cleantech ventures to join
  • A technology opportunities forum for companies looking to find partners for, sell, license, or develop a technology they own

Other resources will include:

  • A collection of major news feeds on clean tech topics
  • Listings of conferences and events in the clean tech sector
  • A searchable data base of research notes on clean technology companies dating back over 7 years, written by Dr. Ed Beardsworth for a series of utility clients
  • An online panel of experts in everything from law to various technologies, to venture capital, to SBIRs, who are available by email to answer questions related to tech commercialization.

I will announce the launch on and keep you updated on the progress.

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