Is Toyota THE Clean Tech Automotive Company?

According to a Bloomberg article picked up by Fuel Cell Today, Toyota has announced its goal of an “all-hybrid” fleet. I think Toyota is rapidly becoming THE powerhouse in clean vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid Article

  • Toyota is the world’s second largest auto maker.
  • It is largest producer of hybrid vehicles, and doesn’t seem like it intends to relinquish the title anytime soon.
  • It actually developed the technology that is powering Ford’s hybrid program, and sold it to Ford.
  • It’s the only major automotive company that makes a concerted effort to grow its clean vehicle business at the expense of its other business units.

I read an article not too long ago explaining why Toyota as winning the hybrid race over Honda. The gist of it was design over technology. This guy suggested that Toyota designed it’s Prius hybrids just different enough to be easily recognizable as a hybrid (unlike the Honda Civic hybrid), but not so far out there in design that consumers were turned off like the Honda Insight.

Then, with great technology, good marketing, and plain good auto design, Toyota had built its lead.

Who says a $100 billion mainstream company can’t lead the way in cleantech.

Anybody have a thought on other cleantech leaders?

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