Odd Things – Alternative Fuel the SPCA will Hate

Talk about odd. I was really not sure what to think about this one. I guess this is for all you waste to energy guys to chase down in your spare time. This German inventor (who denies it) is supposed to have told a reporter in an article picked up by Reuters that he has tested dead cats as fuel in a waste biodiesel process.

I went to the website: http://www.alphakat.de He is basically claiming a lower temperature (270-350 C) catalytic synfuel reactor conversion process of waste organic materials to biodiesel. The gist of it is the development of patented catalyst as the key to process. He also implies that the system is low pressure and has been tested on a wide range of feedstocks, and the site seems to suggest that he has a pilot plant running, though I can’t find any direct mention of it.

To be frank though, if he hadn’t told a German reporter he using dead cats as fuel, I’m not sure he would be making the US press. The English language version of website was extremely difficult to plow through. And there is not enough information on site to validate any of the claims. Just goes to show how far afield the search for new fuels gets.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    According to the Yahoo news article, Mr. Koch never said he uses dead cats, and in fact denies ever using dead cats. The Bild (tabloid) made it up because "in theory" dead cats could be used among other things. Mr. Koch never said he uses them. Did you read the Yahoo article?Makes for fun water cooler talk if anything.

  2. Neal Dikeman
    Neal Dikeman says:

    I did read that. If nothing else, I find it highly entertaining that either 1) a reporter made up a claim like that, or 2) that an inventor would make a statement even implying dead cats were a possible fuel source to a reporter!Either way, fun water cooler talk, definitely.

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