Power Company Execs Thinking Business as Usual

In this new survey report, it is striking how many of the utility execs are wishfully thinking that the world won’t pull the rug out from under them, where other industry participants see that dramatically different futures need to be considered, even if they may be somewhat lower on the probability scale.

Note particularly the doubts expressed about IGCC. Gee, it costs a bit more, and “no-one’s built one yet”. Yikes.


Conventional Wisdom May Steer Power and Utility Companies Toward the Wrong Future

Significant New Challenges Could Be in Store According to a New Deloitte Research Report

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Most of America’s leading power and utility CEOs and CFOs think business will not change much over the next five years. However, a study released today by Deloitte Research — including interviews with regulatory, financial, and policy experts — shows significant new challenges could be in store between now and 2010.

These are the highlights of the Deloitte Research report: Which Way to Value? The U.S. Power and Utility Sector, 2005-2010.

In the report Deloitte Research groups the contrasting views on what the next five years may hold into three broad scenarios: “Continuity,” “Tough Times,” and “Rising Expectations.” The “Continuity” scenario is based on the majority view among industry executives.

“We believe that while minority views may represent less-likely scenarios, they should not be ignored,” says Greg Aliff, vice chairman and national managing partner, energy and resources, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP. “The report notes that when companies base their strategies on the conventional wisdom, they may leave themselves vulnerable if the contrarians turn out to be correct.”

The study documents support for certain views that go against the industry’s prevailing assumptions.


“Which Way to Value? The U.S. Power and Utility Sector 2005 – 2010” (620 KB)September 2005; 56 Pages; A Deloitte Research Energy Study.

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