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I just wanted to put a plug in for the Cleantech Forum in Melbourne, Australia in late Novemeber. I am moderating one of the panels on investing.

The founder, Jeffrey Castellas, has been looking to make a splash in cleantech for some time. I am excited to see he is doing it in Australia, as my firm does a lot of work done there. Australia has a tremendous amount of technology in the cleantech area, partly because natural resources is a sector where Australian punches outside of its weight, and partly because of a very strong university and government investment in research.

Check it out. Cleantech Forum

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  1. Greg Watson
    Greg Watson says:

    Hi Neal,Think your and your various blogs will be interested in this press release:BTW the SunBall can generate domestic rooftop kWhs at about 25% of what flat panels can deliver. Also the SunBall generation profile overlaps network peak demands and thus reduces / eliminates the need to build additional peak network capacity. Lots more info on the web site.================================Press ReleaseSouth Australian renewable energy company Green and Gold Energy (GGE) hassigned a Letter of Intent with the owners of the Modbury Triangle ShoppingCentre (MTSC), Modbury, South Australia,Australia to install at least 750kW of GGE's locally designed, developed andmanufactured rooftop SunBall tracking concentrators.This will, to our knowledge, make the MTSC, the first solar powered shoppingcentre in Australia.This will be enough SunBalls to effectively take the MTSC off the grid andhave a significant effect on the local distribution companies (ETSA) peaknetwork demand. The long term cost of the SunBall generated kWh issignificantly below the lowest peak price the directors of the MTSC couldobtain from local electricity retailers and will represent a significantsaving on electricity expenditure.GGE and the MTSC directors will also investigate the avoided network costadvantaged available to ETSA due to a lowered peak hot summer afternoonnetwork demand.The directors of the MTSC will investigate installing a SunBall viewing anddata information facility so interested shoppers can view how theelectricity that is powering the MTSC and the lights above their heads isbeing beamed from the sun, captured and converted into electricity that verysecond.Installation is expected to occur in 2nd – 3rd qtr of 2006 and will be donevia GGE retail partner Gene Solar Electric P/L with the cooperation andinvolvement of other local Adelaide solar dealers.Additional commercial buildings controlled by the owners and adjacent to theMTSC may also be converted to SunBall power potentially taking the totalgroup installation to about 1.3MW.More details of this exciting and Australian first project are available inthe news section of the GGE web site.All the best,Greg WatsonGreen and Gold EnergyAdelaide, South Australia+61 408 843 08 9 SunBall discussion grou p

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This is all bullshit.There is no Sunball or SuncubeGreg Watson is a con artist but not a very good one.Please go to Google groups sungridto find out all about this scam.

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