Coming Convergence of Energy, Environmental and Capital Markets

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter Fusaro in New York to discuss the evolution of the energy and environmental marketplace. For those of you who know Peter, spending time with him is akin to drinking triple-shot espresso out of a fire hydrant — a mixed metaphor perhaps, but one that should indicate the overwhelming volume, rapidity and forcefulness of commentary and opinions that Peter expresses.

These days, Peter is spending most of his time embedding himself in the energy hedge fund community, which gives him a distinctively insightful perch from which to view the current situation and near-term future. From his perspective, he is passionate in his conviction that the environmental markets will transform the energy markets, and furthermore will more deeply intertwine both markets with the capital markets. He rattles off several statistics and anecdotes demonstrating that interest in energy and environmental markets by the hedge fund community is exploding, and that such activity will fundamentally make the future quite different from the past.

After letting my head spin down from our discussion, I read Peter’s latest article, which he publishes through his relationship with Utilipoint. It’s intriguing stuff, and presents a window into Peter’s thinking — and, by extension, into the way the world of hedge funds is viewing energy and environmental matters.

“Turbulent Markets Ahead: Why the Energy & Environmental Crisis Will Continue For Many Years”

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