Ford is pushing Ethanol

Ford Motor Company recently announced a partnership to push new fueling stations for its ethanol-ready fleet of 1 million vehicles. Ford Ethanol Article. The actual fuel is E85, a blend of 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline.

I view this as a major win for cleantech. The future for clean fuels is not hydrogen, electric, or gasoline electric hybrids, but likely some liquid fuel blend running in hybrid configurations. And hopefully with a Plug-in hybrid options. These vehicles can run on gasoline, allowing us to deal with the fuel infrastructure problem in an incremental way.

Think plug-in hybrids running on a switchable fuel mix of ethanol and gasoline. That would not only slaughter emissions, and dramatically increase fuel efficieny, but allow our transportation sector to cheaply and easily fuel switch between fuel sources as diverse as grain ethanol, crude oil, natural gas (if GTL ever occurs in a big way), syncrudes, as well as electricity sources: coal, natural gas, hydro and wind.

That is a very viable plan to solve our energy independence problem. In contrast, additional drilling in ANWR and supporting OPEC is only a short term solution.

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  1. robert veach
    robert veach says:

    If anyone interested in this great “green” solution, please email me and I will calll you back and try to answer all your questions. I am not a salesperson -but an electrical engineer with 28 years experience. I will not hype up this company, but give you an honest assement. There is no risk in signing up and the waiting line for this rental product is increasing!Robert

  2. Phil Waste
    Phil Waste says:

    If Ford wants to survive, and I hope you do, so why don't you put E85 pumps in all your dealerships and advertise your flex-fueled cars which you have been making for years now?Start pushing sugar cane and sugar beet ethanol which is 7 times more efficient than 'corn' ethanol and it doesn't rob our food supplies.It is time for you to face up to the truth; oil companies have screwed you worse than they have screwed us. You owe them nothing so start doing something to save your company. I’ll bet all those little FORDS that are all over Europe would sell like hot cakes right about now.

  3. Phil Waste
    Phil Waste says:

    Today I heard on the news you actually paid attention to what I said. Thank You and I hope you survive. As soon as you produce and sell a small Ford here in the U.S. I will buy one. How about a three cylinder as they get better milage.

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