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Even though I daily read many items of professional interest, very rarely do I come across a piece so important and cogently written that I forward it to a long list of friends and family in an effort to educate and shape opinions among a broader public.

This week, I encountered a superb synopsis of the pervasive economic and geopolitical crises that we face as a result of our dependence on oil. It is written by two people who are hardly known for their expertise in energy/environmental issues, but whose voices should nevertheless be heeded: James Woolsey (ex-Director of CIA) and George Schulz (ex-Secretary of State).

Woolsey/Schulz on Oil and Security

The paper makes it abundantly clear that every gallon of oil we consume not only harms our environment, but reduces our national security. It also suggests that the environmental community can and should form a coalition with the security community to capitalize on their deep influence in setting the nation’s priorities, and thereby bring the environmental community closer to (or even inside) the circles of strongest power in DC.

I urge you readers, who are committed to the cleantech community, to spread this Woolsey/Schulz paper to a wider audience.

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