Kyoto, Carbon Credits, and a Big Market for Cleantech

I have just returned from a trip to London to evaluate some business opportunities in carbon trading stemming from the commencement of the Kyoto protocol. I was surprised by the level and intensity of interest in this market.

A few relevant trends I noticed:

  • Significant interest by investors in carbon and emissions trading. Including numerous private equity style investment funds being raised to trade carbon credits and develop carbon offset projects.
  • Deep government support for technology, trading mechanisms, and public awareness. For more information, check out, the site for a government funded independent organization focused on reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.
  • A broad-based industry interest in clean technology, far surpassing what we see in the US. This trend is illustrated not the least by massive advertising campaigns from industry and government about the need for cleaner fuels, lower emissions, and more environmental and sustainable awareness. One of the most notable ad campaigns, which Americans will also be aware of, is British Petroleum.
  • And perhaps of real concern for us in America, a broad distrust of the US government and the Bush adminisitration, especially its motivations when it comes to the environment.
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  1. SunBall
    SunBall says:

    Hi Neal,Looks like Australia will also be left out as our Prime Minister has also decided against signing Kyoto. As the SunBall generates rooftop electricity at less than grid prices, maybe industry can be converted over to SunBall electricity and our GHG production will decline even without signing Kyoto??Biggest problem for the SunBall in Australia is our massive coal reserves and the powerful interest groups that protect the coal production figures. Coal is Australia's biggest exporter and a world with reduced demands for coal is not seen as being in Australia's best interest. Well at least not in the best interest of the Australian coal industry.All the best,Greg WatsonGreen and Gold EnergyAdelaide, South Australia+61 408 843 08 9 SunBall discussion grou p

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