Welcome to a New Blogger – Mark Bitterman, Editor of Superconductor Week

I want to welcome our new blogger – Mark Bitterman, the Editor of Superconductor Week.

Mark is the leading journalist and writer on the superconductor industry. He is the Executive Editor of Superconductor Week, which is the most comprehensive and widely read newsletter covering the technology and commercialization of superconductors. Superconductor Week does original reporting, exclusive interviews, and expert analysis on both low and high temperature superconductors. We are very active in the superconductor industry and consider it a key technology area of energy tech and cleantech, so I’m excited to have Mark join us!

Mark will be doing a Thursday blog column around strange and interesting news in superconductors.

Their website is www.superconductorweek.com.

Thanks Mark.

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