Recent Energy News on Global Policy

Global warming action supported by evangelical Christians

A group of 85 evangelical Christian leaders in the US, including Rick Warren, have initiated a campaign to back legislation opposed by the Bush Administration to fight. They are helping to launch an advertising campaign to support legislation like the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act.

Oil prices are a hot topic at upcoming G8 conference

High oil prices and what to do about them, specifically how to spur energy investment are a hot topic at the G8 conference in Moscow.

Exxon announces that energy independence is not feasible

Responding to Bush’s speech on energy and calls for energy independence from mid east oil, ExxonMobil executives have stated that they believe eliminating US dependence on foreign oil imports is not a practical solution. As I have stated in previous Cleantech blog posts, I believe it should be a core part of foreign policy, though I agree it is not easy.

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