Welcome to New Cleantech Contributors – John Addison & Heather Rae

CleantechBlog is excited to welcome two new contributors in green and renewable energy policy & branding news.

John Addison

We excited to announce that author and cleantech industry analyst John Addison will be doing a blog column on green and renewable energy policy issues. He has launched his column in February.

Big Oil is the Biggest User of Hydrogen
Over 1,000 Hydrogen Riders in California

A well known figure in the Cleantech world, and an expert on marketing and strategic partnership, John Addison is the author of the book Revenue Rocket (Executive Summary at http://www.optimarkworks.com/) and the upcoming book Cleantech Marketing. Since 2002, John has been a Board member of the California Hydrogen Business Council. John Addison is president of OPTIMARK Inc., a firm that helps with marketing strategy and partner development. He is a popular speaker in the Americas, Europe and Asia. A former channel manager with Sun Microsystems, John has consulted for numerous tech companies on marketing and product growth issues, and has turned his attention to the issues facing cleantech and energy technology.

Heather Rae

Also launching in February, we are excited to welcome Heather Rae, principal of Brae Consulting, who will be doing a Wednesday column on cleantech branding and the major brands seeking to establish themselves in the market. Heather launched her column in February with articles like:

GM goes Yellow – GM’s Flex fuel/E85 branding campaign
Energy Efficiency – California Dreamin’ – On California’s Flex Your Power campaign

Heather Rae, is a principal of brae consulting, a cleantech and sustainability activist, with more than 18 years of management, marketing and technical expertise in the energy services, telecommunications and information systems industries. Her corporate experience includes in demand side management at Xcel Energy, branding at Qwest Communications, as well as marketing at a number of cleantech start-ups. She has been active in the public arena as well working on marketing campaigns for UN sustainability conferences (on population, fisheries, women’s rights and climate) and reporting on sustainability meetings at the World Bank, the State Department and other organizations such as Resources for the Future. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she is a member of the Boulder (CO) Green Building Guild and co-director of Colorado’s Interfaith Power & Light, and spends her spare time modifying a former school bus into a “sustainability showcase.”

Welcome to both John and Heather.

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