Corporate Changes and Positioning- Home Depot Eco Options

Large corporations are now taking the movement to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency to new levels never seen before. It is no longer just to appease a small demographic customer base, but now part of corporate business plans moving forward.

HOME DEPOT INC (NYSE:HD) is addressing their customers that are “more concerned than ever about energy consumption and the quality of the air, water, forests and health of their home & environment. The Home Depot’s Eco Options brand helps customers improve homes and the environment.”

This green movement started in the 70’s, but never really gained the exposure and momentum necessary to go mainstream. It always comes down to cost and economics. As we are confronted with oil prices over $70 and we face the price hikes at the pump, the average person that represents a typical customer that may shop at Home Depot is looking for new choices being dictated by their wallets.

Customers in Home Depot can look for the symbols helping to find energy-efficient products that will lower their energy bills, or products that can improve air quality and reduce emissions that contribute to global climate changes.

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    Anonymous says:

    This is a great example of big-box going green. One of my favorite companies that do this is TerraCycle Plant Food ( These guys sell to big (evil) companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot etc. but they have probably the most eco-friendly product – they claim it's the worlds first product to be made from and packaged entirely in waste! I've bought a couple of bottles, and the stuff truely lives up to its claim.Check it out: They take organic waste, feed it to worms, take worm poop and packaged it directly in used soda bottles (not melted down bottles, but directly in a used coke and pepsi bottle). And the stuff works – atleast it did wonders for my plants! The point is that I found TerraCycle at Home Depot through their Eco-Options program. So I'm all for big-box going green – and I don't mind "selling out"

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