DOE SBIR Spending Light on Hydrogen, Heavy on Nuclear

I read through the award list for the DOE 2005 SBIR Phase IIs. Total dollars awarded was around $70 mm. What was really interesting, and a bit of change from previous years, little SBIR money in hydrogen or conventional oil & gas, and heavy in nuclear, fusion, high energy physics and carbon/greenhouse gas research.

Of the 120 awards, 51 were in nuclear, fusion, or high energy physics (42%). 13 were in carbon or greenhouse gas (11%), only 4 in fossil fuels, 6 in solar, and 7 in fuel cells/hydrogen (total of 14%).

The tremendous numbers of SBIRs in fuel cells and hydrogen of previous years appear to have tailed off significantly. Interesting enough, also a small handful of DOE SBIRs in ethanol or biofuels.

Check out the list here.
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