Friedman on Energy

Thomas Friedman of The New York Times is arguably the most widely-read and influential of the op-ed columnists in the business today, particularly in regards to geopolitics and the Middle East. His recent book, The World Is Flat, is dominating best-seller lists around the world. When he writes, people take note.

Over the past few months, he has gotten more and more vocal about energy-related matters. This past week, he wrote a column that brilliantly captured my heretofore-unexpressable angst about U.S. energy policy.

Basically, he said that Democrats and Republicans are united seemingly on only one point: to think about energy matters with gross ignorance, playing to short-term populism without offering any meaningful progress towards long-term solutions. To break the stalemate, a third-party with fresh ideas may be the only way out.

It’s probably hopelessly naive to think that a third-party is viable, but we need some bold thinking to get us out of the tight box we’ve painted ourselves into. I call on us to explore this possibility with some rigor and zest.

Friedman Column

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