Energy: "The 21st Century’s Greatest Challenge"

This headline is not mine. It’s from Deloitte, the white-shoe professional services firm.

Deloitte recently hired Joe Stanislaw, who is a long-time guru in the energy industry, having founded Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA). Stanislaw recently authored a compelling report for Deloitte under the title, “Energy in Flux: The 21st Century’s Greatest Challenge.” It is a sobering picture, from a firm not known for hyperbole.

This is the kind of white paper that is read by senior managers — strategists and C-level executives — from the major corporations that need to hear loud and clear what we’ve been saying here for a while: that we’re in deep doo-doo with respect to energy, and that we will need to change how we produce and consume energy in fundamental ways. It’s a message that the big-wigs in corporate America need to hear, and they’re more likely to listen to respected sources like Deloitte than Greenpeace or Al Gore.

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