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Some Clarity on Ethanol

The most controversial issue about ethanol is whether its use is actually a good idea, and therefore worthy of public policy support and environmental endorsement. Two questions come up again and again: 1. Does the production of ethanol actually yield more energy than is consumed in the process of producing it? 2. Does the use […]


Moving Small Wind into the Marketplace

A landowner in Boulder County, Colorado wants to install a small wind turbine on his property just outside the Boulder city limits. Trudy Forsyth, an engineer who leads the distributed wind portion of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) wind program in Golden, Colorado, described what lies ahead for this property owner and others embarking […]


Texas Passes California in US Wind Energy Leadership in Cleantech

Being a Texan who began his career in oil & gas and now works in cleantech and alternative energy, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a recent article quoting a quarterly report from the American Wind Energy Association. The gist – Texas surpasses California for the most wind generation in the US – 2,370 […]


Recommended Climate Change Reading

I just read a superb report writtend for the nonpartisan Civil Society Institute called Seeds of Opportunity: Climate Change Challenges and Solutions by Professor Lloyd Dumas of University of Texas at Dallas. The report does two things exceptionally well: It conveys the extremely strong likelihood of climate change occurring (and its consequences) in the most […]


BP and GE Plan Multi-Billion Dollar Clean Hydrogen Power Plants

BP and GE on July 18, 2006, announced plans to jointly develop and deploy 10 to 15 hydrogen power plants that dramatically reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from electricity generation. Vivienne Cox, BP’s Chief Executive of Gas, Power and Renewables, and David L. Calhoun, Vice Chairman of GE and president and CEO […]


China’s Attempt to Balance the Environment and a Rapidly Growing Economy Drives Innovation and Investment in Renewable Energy, Water and Healthcare

With China’s growth at double digit rates into the first half of the year, the environmental concerns and pollution problems are escalating as quickly as the economy, with an estimated 76 reported pollution incidents in the past 8 months. The impact of rapid industrialization has created massive environmental problems in the water air and soil, […]


The Trendy. The Cool. The Energy Geek.

What happens to the trendy and the cool who lay out serious cash for solar photovoltaic panels? Like drivers of the Toyota Prius, they become energy geeks, according to installers for the German solar outfit, Conergy. Some Prius owners aim for a distinguishing statement by driving a car that is, by distinctive and unmistakable design, […]


Cleantech blog

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) opened the first public access hydrogen station in the nation in October 2004. The station supports the fleet of five hydrogen vehicles used daily near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is available to the growing hydrogen fleets at the City of Los Angeles, UCLA, Toyota, Honda, and soon others. […]


Renewables to the Rescue?

This past week in Denver, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) held its annual conference, Solar 2006. The theme of the conference was “Solar Energy: The Key to Climate Recovery”. The first two days of the conference featured several of the leading scientific experts on climate change, including NASA’s James Hansen and NCAR’s Warren Washington. […]


German Superconductor Manufacturers Found Industrial Association

Disenchanted by what many consider years of neglect by the German government the superconductivity community in Germany has banded together to advance the industry.  Eight manufacturers of material and components for superconducting systems have founded the industrial association Industrieverband Supraleitung (IV Supra).   The German superconductor industry hopes to realize the same success historically achieved by the […]


Values & Vehicles & Advertising

On June 29th, The Washington Post printed a full-page ad, “Driving American Innovation.” Paid for by Ford Motor Company, it touts Ford’s foray into ethanol. The next day, on the front page of its business section, The New York Times covered Ford’s plans to focus less on hybrids and more on flex-fuel vehicles, because, the […]


Unversity Solar Car Challenge Time Again

A friend sent this over today, and I thought it was interesting to blog on, most of the commentary below is his reprinted. Thanks Chris. Also check out a blog we did a while back on the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Beginning on July 16th, high school students from the US, Puerto Rico and […]


Death of Enron Founder Ken Lay

Enron founder Ken Lay died today, apparently of a heart attack at age 64. Despite the massive scandals and fall from grace of Enron, I still have a great deal of respect for what Ken Lay and the company he built accomplished over the past 20 years. On the good: Built a $100 Billion/year business, […]


What, We Worried? Yes!

RBC Capital Markets recently conducted a survey that shows the widespread worry, perhaps despair, that Americans have about our energy situation: 53% think energy problems will not be solved in their lifetime 80% think high energy costs are not temporary The good news, if any, from this survey is that maybe the dissatisfaction will – […]


They Can’t Handle The Truth

By now, I’m sure every reader of this blog knows about Al Gore’s movie on global climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. Reputable scientists have generally given the movie excellent marks on the accuracy and reliability of the information presented. USA Today article Of course, that hasn’t completely stopped the few remaining global change skeptics from […]


Cleantech, Biofuels and Fuel Diversification

Bio fuels along with solar are rapidly becoming one of the twin cylinders of the Cleantech industry. Jim Fraser on the Energy Blog has a very interesting blog this week triggered by Washington Post article about the availability of biofuels feedstocks as a limiting/contributing factor to bio fuels growth. My belief is that if the […]