Recommended Climate Change Reading

I just read a superb report writtend for the nonpartisan Civil Society Institute called Seeds of Opportunity: Climate Change Challenges and Solutions by Professor Lloyd Dumas of University of Texas at Dallas. The report does two things exceptionally well:

  1. It conveys the extremely strong likelihood of climate change occurring (and its consequences) in the most balanced (non-hyperbolic, non-dogmatic) yet thorough manner I’ve ever read.
  2. It points out the strong rationale for early action, on a variety of different fronts (a diversified portfolio approach), to address the issue, which when pursued should enable significant commercial opportunities for at least some parties (i.e., early movers).

Because it is (I think) uncommonly well-written, and from a source not likely to be seen as a tree-hugger, this document should be required reading by ambivalent/skeptical audiences (especially private sector) – especially to become supportive of more proactive policy.

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