The 2030 Challenge

An architect from Santa Fe named Ed Mazria is passionate about the need to dramatically reduce the energy intensity of residential/commercial buildings, which are responsible for about 48% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Driven by his commitment, Ed devised The 2030 Challenge. Simply put, he challenges architects, engineers and contractors to cut the carbon intensity of buildings by 50% from the average of their peers today, 60% below peer average in 2010, 70% below peer average in 2015, and so on, until 2030 by which all buildings should be carbon neutral (zero net carbon emissions).

Ed has the vision of holding an international “teach-in” in February 2007, to inform a broader audience of the mainstream of architects/engineers about efficient building principles and encourage them to get aboard. Let’s hope he can pull off something so audacious, with such potentially large positive impact.

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