More on the Ethanol Debate

Robert Rapier on the Oil Drum has a very readable blog on a discussion between he and Vinod Khosla arguing about some of the major issues in ethanol.

He had previously put up a blog called Vinod Khosla Debunked, detailing and then attacking some of Khosla’s arguments about the future of ethanol.

The combination of these two articles is an excellent overview of the ethanol debate.

Also see our previous Cleantech Blog posts on ethanol:

Richard Stuebi Cleantech blog on the Ethanol energy yield and emissions impacts, quoting an Argonne National Lab study.

My blog on my discussions with NREL scientists on their ethanol investment model – I think corn ethanol has more legs vs. cellulosic ethanol than most analysts are predicting.

John Addison’s blog on the growth opportunity in ethanol – he’s bullish

My blog on VeraSun’s IPO – written before their IPO and 2Q numbers came out. I still think these ethanol IPOs are overvalued, but they have show significant improvement from when I wrote it.

And in recent news from PE Week Wire: “US BioEnergy Corp., an Inner Grove Heights, Minn.-based ethanol production company, has filed to raise $300 million via an IPO of common stock. It plans to trade on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol USBE, with UBS, Credit Suisse and Piper Jaffray serving as co-lead underwriters. Shareholders include Capitaline Advisors.”

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