The Approaching Train

The Ad Council has recently released new public service announcements about global warming.
The PSAs are sponsored by Environmental Defense, and asks viewers to go to

In one, the narrator stands on a railroad track with a train approaching behind him, talking about climate change coming 20-30 years from now and saying the problem is beyond his lifetime. He steps off the track just before the train is to hit him, but standing behind the narrator is a little girl, who is implied to be inevitably steamrolled by the locomotive.

PSA on Global Warming

It’s quite brilliant: kudos to the creative team at Ogilvy & Mather. The 30-second spot reminds me a bit of the legendary ad that was said to have been instrumental in leading to LBJ’s election over Goldwater in 1964: the little girl playing with a flower, superimposed with a mushroom cloud. The inference was clear: vote for Goldwater, and your children face the prospect of nuclear war.

If this PSA on global warming is widely seen, can it have the same impact on the collective consciousness? Let’s find out. Let’s urge it to be shown on the Super Bowl, or on American Idol, or on Oprah: venues watched by millions, most of whom are in the dark about climate change.

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    I feel we should push for this Terra Preta Soils CO2 sequestration strategy and only go for weather modification if we fall over any of the serious tipping points.The economics look good, and truly great if we had CO2 cap & trade in place: There are processes that you can have your Bio-fuel and fertility too.'Terra Preta' soils I feel has great possibilities to revolutionize sustainable agriculture into a major CO2 sequestration strategy. I thought, I first read about these soils in " Botany of Desire " or "Guns,Germs,&Steel" but I could not find reference to them. I finely found the reference in "1491", but I did not realize their potential .Current issue of Nature article:…l/442620a…. the Cornell page for an over view :…ochar_home.htmThis Science Forum thread on thes soil contains further links : Georgia Inst. of Technology page : There is an ecology going on in these soils that is not completely understood, and if replicated and applied at scale would have multiple benefits for farmers and environmentalist. Terra Preta creates a terrestrial carbon reef at a microscopic level. These nanoscale structures provide safe haven to the microbes and fungus that facilitate fertile soil creation, while sequestering carbon for many hundred if not thousands of years. The combination of these two forms of sequestration would also increase the growth rate and natural sequestration effort of growing plants.I've sent this thread to the researchers at M-Roots, who make Mycorisal fungus inoculations for acceleration of the reestablishment of the symbiotic fungal / root relationship. Here's the M-Roots site: also sent it to Dr. Jared Diamond, if he replies, I will probably have an orgasm!Here is a great article that high lights this pyrolysis process , ( ) which could use existing infrastructure to provide Charcoal sustainable Agriculture , Syn-Fuels, and a variation of this process would also work as well for H2 , Charcoal-Fertilizer, while sequestering CO2 from Coal fired plants to build soils at large scales , be sure to read the "See an initial analysis NEW" link of this technology to clean up Coal fired power plants.Soil erosion, energy scarcity, excess greenhouse gas all answered through regenerative carbon management…charcoal.s… pre Columbian Indians could produce these soils up to 6 feet deep over 20% of the Amazon basin it seems that our energy and agricultural industries could also product them at scale. Harnessing the work of this vast number of microbes and fungi changes the whole equation of EROEI for food and Bio fuels. I see this as the only sustainable agricultural strategy if we no longer have cheap fossil fuels for fertilizer.I would like to investigate if use of an M-Roots type fungus inoculant and local compost would speed this super community of wee beasties in populating into their proper Soil horizon Carbon Condos.I feel Terra Preta soil technology is the greatest of Ironies since Tobacco.That is: an invention of pre-Columbian American culture, destroyed by western disease, may well be the savior of industrial western society. As inversely Tobacco, over time has gotten back at same society by killing more of us than the entire pre-Columbian population.Erich Erich J. Knight

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