CEOs Getting on the Climate Bandwagon

Businessmen and -women don’t give a damn about the environment, right? Not so fast…

Vistage International is an organization comprised entirely of CEO’s, and they publish a quarterly Confidence Index of nearly 2000 CEO’s of small and mid-sized companies about the future state of business.

In August, they completed their most recent survey, and found that a strong majority (64%) of respondents were very or moderately concerned about global warming. Press release

Now if only the nation’s CEO, Boardroom and executive suite felt the same way…

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  1. Maria Energia
    Maria Energia says:

    This is very exciting, and what's also interesting is the number of utility CEOs that are calling for national regulation of carbon dioxide. They know the regulation is coming eventually (eg the "Sense of the Senate" resolution that was passed in February), but the regulatory uncertainity makes it difficult to plan and forecast their business. The San Francisco Chronicle had a good article on it on August 24, 2006.

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