Green Republicans: Not Necessarily an Oxymoron?

It may be easy to forget now, but it’s arguable that the environmental movement was actually started by Republicans about 100 years ago. The Republican Theodore Roosevelt was an ardent conservationist, and as President, led the way to forming the National Park Service to protect some of the world’s most beautiful natural assets.

Of course, not all of today’s Republicans act and talk like Teddy Roosevelt, at least on environmental issues. But, apparently there are some. I was intrigued to find out about an organization called REP (Republicans for Environmental Protection) America.

REP America web site

Whether or not you like or loathe the Republican party in its current incarnation, it’s encouraging to see that there is still a strain of environmentalism within some faction of the GOP. It would be good to see the mainstream Republican platform increasingly affected and influenced by green constituencies such as REP. That way, environmental causes will make progress no matter who wins an election, red or blue. And, that way, voters with environmental orientation will have more than one viable choice on the ballot, which is always a good thing.

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  1. guv
    guv says:

    Great post Richard.As a registered independent and a one time City Counci Candidate with the Ohio Green Party, I have allegiance to neither of our mainstream parties.However, as you stated, it is critical to remember the Republican contribution to environmental policy and so I offer you this: The late Esteemed Oregon Governor Tom McCall (1967–1975), was responsible for two of Oregon's most progressive policies. (1) The Bottle Bill which required a consumer deposit on cans and bottles as a means of reducing litter (2) the progressive land use policies (beach protection & environmental zoning) that eventually lead to the creation of the much heralded Portland Metro Council of government. In ensuring his popularity, a popular park along Portland's waterfront, that replaced a roadway, has been dedicated to Gov. Tom McCall.

  2. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    As a Green Republican myself, who is frequently bashed on the internet by Democrats who say there is no such thing, I am happy to find some validation of my political views here. Thanks.

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