One Million Hydrogen Riders in California

California will have one million daily riders on hydrogen vehicles by 2021 if this Optimistic Scenario becomes a reality. Although this will be less than 3% of the state’s population, it will be a major milestone in achieving energy independency and a reduction in global warming. Most encouraging is that California has a long history of successful innovation that spreads throughout the world.
In the early years, most of the hydrogen riders will be on buses. New CARB Zero Emission Bus regulations could lead to 1,000 hydrogen buses in the state.
Daily ridership of hydrogen vehicles in California is currently over 2,000 per day. The biggest growth of ridership is the result of eight hydrogen buses now running six to 16 hours daily, carrying an average of 200 to 400 riders per bus per day. Jaimie Levin, Director of Marketing for AC Transit, reports rider enthusiasm and strong community support and predicts that the day will arrive when some hydrogen buses will carry over 1,000 riders daily. SunLine Transit Agency and Santa Clara VTA report enthusiastic rider acceptance of their hydrogen buses.
What about other technology and fuels? Ethanol and biodiesel will displace even more gasoline than hydrogen because they can be used in many vehicles currently on the road. Of all the alternative fuels, hydrogen is the only zero emission alternative.
Hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology will grow faster than hydrogen and create significant savings of gasoline. Hybrid technology compliments hydrogen, lowering the size of expensive fuel cells that are required. Currently almost all hydrogen vehicles are hybrid. AC Transit currently uses plug-in hybrid hydrogen buses that transport 800 people daily.
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