5 Award Winners at Energy Venture Fair Announced

I attended the Energy Venture Fair in Santa Clara this week, and had a chance to see a number of the presenting companies. CEOs of nearly 50 startups from solar to batteries to hybrid systems were hawking their companies.

The most interesting to my eye included Wireless Seismic, a developer of a low power, high bandwidth, short distance RF mesh based wireless technology that can cut the cost of a seismic run for onshore oil & gas by up to 50%.

The winners of the 5 Most Promising Companies awards were announced this afternoon as follows:

Zolo Technologies – A Colorado based startup pitching its laser based instrumentation system for optimizing combustion in coal fired boilers for better efficiency and NOx savings.
Wilson Turbopower – Wilson, a holdover from the microturbine development, is commercializing a high efficiency ceramic recuperator (heat exchanger).
KiteShip Corp – A developer of of Very Large Free Flying Sails for ship transport, and previously the winner of the California Cleantech Open Transportation Prize.
Ice Energy – A startup with another intriguing product that has been making the rounds, this one stores thermal energy for home or business use in the form of a gigantic icemaker.
Hythane – Another Colorado based startup, this one focused on natural gas/hydrogen fueled products.

So congratulations to each!

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