Actress Q’orianka Kilcher Now Drives a Zero-Emission Honda FCX

By John Addison. Q’orianka Kilcher was acclaimed for her starring role as Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World. The National Board of Review awarded her Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress. Ms. Kilcher was recognized as the Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture by the American Latino Media Arts Awards.

Q’orianka Kilcher is now turning heads as she silently drives by in her new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Honda FCX. The car’s only emission is water vapor. Honda’s advanced fuel cell technology program has been praised by fleet users during the last five years, typically leasing the vehicles for $500 per month. Several fleets have allowed a number of drivers to use the vehicles by making them part of employee pools. Two years ago, the Spallino family became the first retail customers for a fuel cell vehicle. 17-year-old Q’orianka Kilcher is now the youngest customer.

Ms. Kilcher took the keys to vehicle in Hollywood. Nearby, she will find a number of places to fill the vehicle in the Los Angeles area. The station at LA Airport is public. Others are for community fleets with limited public access requiring authorization.

“The best way to demonstrate the importance of next generation vehicles like the Honda FCX is to put the next generation of drivers behind the wheel,” said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda (HMC).

“As a young person today, I feel it is important to take initiative toward seeking positive solutions and stepping up the quest toward clean energy and environmental preservation,” said Q’orianka Kilcher. “When I first started pursuing my dream of a zero emissions vehicle as my first car, it seemed like a pretty unrealistic dream. With Honda’s innovation and support, my dream of helping the environment became a reality!”

John Addison is the author of the upcoming book Save Gas, Save the Planet. This article is copyright John Addison with permission to publish. John serves on the Board of the California Hydrogen Business Council.

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    I have read the post in this blog and I think it laudable that someone is doing something about cleaning up the environment. I know that looking at Santa Monica on its own, is not going to make any difference to the planet Earth, but if it were to start a snowball effect that spreads all over the World, that’s something to cheer about. But that’s probably going way too long. I wonder if there isn’t a faster and better way that we can help to save our Planet?—————————————————————————————————Save 7% – 19% on your Vehicle Fuel Bills & Reduce Your Vehicle Emissions by 30% Could this be a better and faster way?

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