Blogroll Review: Recycling, Peacock, and Helix

by Frank Ling

Big Blue Recycles

Just when we think that there is a shortage in crystalline silicon for solar panels, Big Blue is coming to the rescue. IBM has developed a method to recycle silicon wafers from the computer chip industry.

Jim Fraser at The Energy Blog writes that:

“The new process uses a specialized pattern removal technique to repurpose scrap semiconductor wafers to a form used to manufacture silicon-based solar panels.”

The Greening of NBC

It looks like the peacock is going green. Does this mean NBC is going to lose its rainbow colored logo?

Not exactly. This week, programs on the network will feature green themes in everything from sports to news to soaps (green weddings are going mainstream!). And is this just publicity campaign or the beginning of an ongoing process?

Joel Makower thinks consumers actually want this stuff. He quotes Zalanick who heads NBC’s Green Council in Two Steps Forward:

“We heard loud and clear that there was a very high expectation that consumers have about companies. Over two-thirds believe that businesses have some responsibility for the social good. That’s a lot. “

Does the Incredible Hulk count as green? 🙂

Home Wind

Most of us think that wind can only come away from enormous turbines installed in some windy remote area but installing them at home has become easier.

Small 10 to 100 W systems for residences have been around but they have not been practical reasons including height requirements, reliability and noise. But a home-based system developed by HelixWind aims to change that.

Hank Green at Eco Geek writes that:

“First, the turbine spins no matter what direction the wind comes from (including vertically) so it can be mounted lower, and generates more energy in turbulent (urban) environments. The turbine can be mounted lower, so installation costs will be lower, and regulations less significant.”

This really blows! 🙂

Frank Ling is a postdoctoral fellow at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at UC Berkeley. He is also a producer of the Berkeley Groks Science Show.

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  1. chessiakelley
    chessiakelley says:

    Hi Frank- I thought green NBC was great this week, and it really responds to the wants of the viewer. Everyone has been hearing the whispers/shouts about climate change and going green but only a few have begun to act. Perhaps spoonfeeding info to those glued to the tube will help. I am glad that big corporations are getting in line, however its too bad the biggest corporation has not yet jumped on the green train-America. Congress is currently considering an energy bill that would create a 15% renewable energy standard by 2020 and a 35 mpg standard by 2020- it is the fist bill of its kind in the US, and while it is still too conservative, it will be the first step to putting the US on the right track toward going green. If consumers want corporations to go green, and are buying more green products it seems rational that they would want their nation to go green too. I am working to pass this important bill for the US and the world. I urge you to sign the petition at Energy Bill 2007 to voice your opinion and work toward a greener America.

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