Blogroll Review: V-Farm, 2008 Conventions, Mighty Battery

by Frank Ling

Vertical Farms in Vegas

Every time I go to Vegas, I see new buildings popping up. I guess the world needs more hotel rooms. But we also need more food to feed all those hungry entertainers and entertainees.

So the big news coming out of Sin City last week is Vertical Farms. That’s right, plans are now underway to build a 30-story farm able to produce a hundred different crops including bananas and strawberry.

Heather McKee writes in EcoGeek:

Nevada officials believe the vertical farm could produce enough food for 72,000 people a year – and $25 million in agricultural products, most going to local casinos. They also expect it to be a popular tourist attraction, and believe it may help change the image of Las Vegas as a place of excess and waste.

Incidentally there was some big convention going on last week. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it really green? 🙂

Hot Conventions this Year

How many conventions to you know where you bring together the likes of Union of Concerned Scientists, NRDC, Dell computer, and of course Fortune Magazine? One that I could think of and it is being hosted by Fortune.

Called Brainstorm:GREEN , this even will host a diverse group of speakers from CEOs to NGOs. Corporate America has already moved beyond the realization that need to be green and will be discussing what they are doing about it.

In his blog, Joel Makower quotes senior Fortune writer Marc Gunther as saying that the participants will be discussing:

what impact they are having, and whether they are changing fast enough, given the scale of the problems.

The price of admission: $2000. Does that include a carbon offset? 🙂

Some other events that Joel mentions are WSJ’s ECO:nomics, Aspen Environmental Forum, and the GLOBE Conference.

For a more extensive list of events happening this year, check out our very own listing.


EEStor is back in the news after falling behind one year from its original production plans. This time, they are working with Lockheed Martin on Military and Homeland Security applications. But that’s not the interesting part.

Jim Fraser writes about the potential performance of EEStor’s new batteries in the Energy Blog:

EEStor, based in Cedar Park, TX, is developing a ceramic battery chemistry that could provide 10 times the energy density of lead acid batteries at 1/10th the weight and volume. As envisioned, EESUs will be a fully “green” technology that will be half the price per stored watt-hour than traditional battery technologies.

Make mine unleaded! 🙂

Frank Ling is a postdoctoral fellow at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at UC Berkeley. He is also a producer of the Berkeley Groks Science Show.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Are you sure that the Vegas farm is real? They seem to be using my designs to proliferate this story. My designs are at I’ve been following this Vegas story….and not only did they not contact the brainchild of the Vertical Farm Project…but the story takes direct quotes off the site. I personally arranged tons of meetings with developers, architects…etc, and we came to the $200M number…I think someone has been talking to people involved in those meetings. Maybe one of us should find out if this story is real! 🙂

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