Give Me Your (Recycled) Heart

by Cristina Foung

My favorite green product of the week: pretty much anything from Fire & Light, but specifically the glass heart.

What is it?
This post is really in the spirit of Mother’s Day (if you’ve forgotten, it’s not too late – it’s this Sunday, May 11th). So if you’re looking for something beautiful and green to show your mom/grandmother/aunt/wife that you love her and you love the planet, Fire & Light makes beautiful stuff. The glass heart is a piece from their giftware collection (for the more practical moms, you can call it a paper weight or you could opt for something from their dinnerware collection).

Why is it better?
Fire & Light makes their hand-poured colored glassware in conjunction with a partnership with the Arcata Community Recycling Center (and just for those of you who have never heard of Arcata, it’s one of the greenest spots in the country). They take recycled glass, turn it into a raw material by crushing it, and re-make it into something absolutely beautiful. As their tag line says, they “have recycling down to an art.”

Where can you find it?
You can have something shipped directly from Fire & Light or you can check out their retailer locator. The large heart retails for approximately $32.

And if glassware isn’t your mom’s thing, here’s a wiki about other green Mother’s Day gifts that might have something more fitting.

Besides her green products column on Cleantech Blog, Cristina is a passionate advocate for green living at the Green Home Huddle at, which focuses on electric cars, energy efficient appliances, and other green products.

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