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Nissan Takes EV Lead with Charged Partnerships

By John Addison (11/24/08). Nissan is serious about being the leader in electric vehicles by taking a three-step approach: (1) developing a charging infrastructure, (2) seeding the market with EVs in 2010, and (3) leading in EV manufacturing volume in 2012. The initial vehicles show-off a new body design, be freeway speed, and have a […]


Being Dean Kamen

by Richard T. StuebiFor a long time, I hadn’t heard much about Dean Kamen. He was last in the news, a lot, in 2001 when he unveiled the Segway. You probably remember the Segway. Kamen was quoted in an article in Time upon the Segway’s release that it “will be to the car what the […]


Best of Blogroll: Kanellos on the Most Paranoid Cleantech Companies

Best of our Blogroll: I could not resist for a Friday afternoon offering up Michael Kanellos’ pithy (and dead-on) chronicling of the most paranoid startups in the cleantech world. Utterly hilarious. First Solar, Bloom Energy, EEStor and Solyndra of course make the list. And the Cleantech Avenger last week had some quite entertaining speculation about […]


General Motors Bailout

Op-Ed by John Addison (11/17/08). On September 24, Congress approved a $25 billion bailout for GM, Ford, and Chrysler. “It seemed like a lot when we first started pushing this,” says Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, one of the bill’s sponsors. “Suddenly, it seems so small.” The three troubled automakers are already back in […]


Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future. Will It Always Be Thus?

by Richard T. Stuebi For years, the utopian vision for powering humankind’s energy requirements has been based on hydrogen, produced by decomposing ever-abundant water (H2O), via renewable sources of power (e.g., sunlight). When hydrogen is used in fuel cells to produce electricity on-demand, the only by-products of the chemical reaction are water vapor and pure […]


Voters Approve High-Speed Rail for California

By John Addison (11/11/08). California is moving ahead with an 800-mile high-speed train system serving Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, the Central Valley, the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego. High-speed trains will be capable of maximum speeds of 220 miles per hour, covering San Francisco to Los Angeles in 2 […]


The Future of Power

While I don’t blog on it often, most of you know I was heavily involved in the founding of company called Zenergy Power plc (AIM:ZEN), one of the leading companies in high temperature superconductor technology. The origins of Zenergy began with the formation of SC Power Systems to commercialize a fault current limiter (“FCL”) technology […]


Let’s Get Small

by Richard T. Stuebi In a recent story, CNN profiled the new home of Bill and Sharon Kastrinos. 154 square feet. That’s right, 154 square feet. Actually, it’s 98 square feet downstairs, plus a 56 square foot loft upstairs. The closet — well, that’s inside the car. Why would the Kastrinos live in such a […]


Want something fast (and clean) between your legs? Try the GPR-S.

by Cristina Foung My favorite green product of the week: Electric Motorsport GPR-S Electric Motorcycle What is it?The GPR-S from Electric Motorsport is an all-electric motorcycle with lithium batteries and a light weight frame (250 pounds or so). The bike has a 14.2 kilowatt electric drive system and has a top speed of 70 miles […]


Obama’s Cabinet Choices – Fantasy League Style

Here are my picks for the key Cabinet posts both for cleantech and the country – if we REALLY want change we can believe in: Secretary of State – Colin Powell. My longtime pick for the first non white President. He should have run. From either party. He would have had my vote. Smart, collected, […]


Election Predictions for Cleantech and Carbon in a Post Obama World

At the risk of sounding like I’m flip flopping, here are the top 5 reasons tonight’s election results mean lots of money for cleantech investors (and, unfortunately, my pocket). 1. An Illinois President and Democratic Congress equals good odds for corn ethanol and a Renewable Fuels Standard. 2. Think massive subsidies, loan guarantees and R&D […]


Open Letter to the Next President

A few thoughts for our next President and Congress, whoever may win. You should run our country like we do our own households, live within your means. Spend what you have, not what you’d like to have. When in doubt, just say no. Just because the benefits of a policy are good, does not mean […]


Pragmatism for the New President

by Richard T. Stuebi I consider myself an equal opportunity offender. Many people in the energy industry or those who for some reason don’t believe in climate change think I’m somewhat of a radical. On the other hand, many ardent environmentalists think I’m too apologetic, conservative or pessimistic about what carbon reductions can realistically be […]


Energy Versus Water

There is a growing awareness that there are two convergent crises facing the world: Energy and Water. Scientific Amercican just launced a dedicated environmental publication this month, Earth 3.0 and the cover story? … ‘Energy Vs Water’. The article explores the dichotomy between the fact that we need energy to produce water and we need […]