Open Letter to the Next President

A few thoughts for our next President and Congress, whoever may win.

  1. You should run our country like we do our own households, live within your means.
  2. Spend what you have, not what you’d like to have. When in doubt, just say no.
  3. Just because the benefits of a policy are good, does not mean they outweigh the costs.
  4. Just because the credit crisis is real, does not mean we need more regulation. Different, yes, more, no. As with most things, less is generally more.
  5. You do not create jobs. We create jobs. But you do have the power to destroy jobs. Don’t forget that.
  6. When it comes to taxes, the more you take, the less we make. In all senses of the phrase.
  7. Energy is life. Our country has been built for 100 years on plentiful energy resources. We need cheap energy. Clean energy. And safe energy. All three, not just one or two.
  8. Climate change and our environment are a problem. This is an area you owe it to your constituents to deal with.
  9. Free trade is a good thing. Whether you understand it or not. If you don’t believe me, two words: Smoot Hawley.
  10. Change is sometimes good. But considered change. Not change just for the sake of change.
  11. Sometimes the best policies are the ones we did not do.
  12. Making promises to win an election is all well and good, but in policy, compromise always wins. But please make sure that compromise does not mean pork. You work for all of us.
  13. My generation faces a looming crisis in social security and medicare entitlement costs. Don’t make it worse.
  14. Those who seek power are generally the last people who ought to be granted that power. Make sure, when your time is done, that you do not remind us of this axiom.
  15. We really do live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We set all time world records every year. So when you are trying to “fix” our economy and foreign policies, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Ask why things have worked so well before you complain about what’s not working. And certainly ask that before you tell me that another country is doing it better than we are.
  16. What makes us different than all other countries? A profound respect for property rights. The rule of law. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. The belief that each of us has the power to change ourselves, and our world. Faith in God. Each of these, and all of these.
  17. And finally, Who is John Galt?

-Neal Dikeman

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  1. Dr.Darian Smith
    Dr.Darian Smith says:

    "Energy is life. Our country has been built for 100 years on plentiful energy resources. We need cheap energy. Clean energy. And safe energy. All three, not just one or two".

    I agree. That is why patent wars on some cleantech processes will destroy our freedom.
    Energy production needs to be freely decentralized. Not controlled by "too big to fail" business.
    Municipal production can create jobs, lower taxes, and free our legislatures from big oil influence,
    who do not have the public good in mind. I have heard all the pure-selfish-capitalist arguments.
    They do not fly. We need a dove-tailing of public and private development. Not a domination of one
    or the other. It is a new era. Let's learn from our mistakes lest we repeat them.

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