San Francisco City Carbon Collobarative 18th and 19th February

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A long time pragmatic environmentalist, Karla is probably best known as the driving force behind developing the Green aspect of the Olympics starting with the first Green Olympic Games in Sydney, while working for Greenpeace in the Atmosphere and Energy campaign. She has since been an advisor to both the public and private sector on green infrastructure and emissions trading, and has been a proponent of the need to bring transparency and automation to help scale emissions trading markets.

Born in Fiji, Karla holds an undergraduate degree from Macquarie University in Sydney and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art in London on Sustainable Development. Karla is a co-founder of Carbonflow, Inc dedicated to reducing the transaction costs and ensuring the transparency and environmental integrity of the global carbon credit market. Karla Bell is the Opinion writer and editor of The Greenhouse Gas Blog on Authors Posts (57) on Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development for the city of San Francisco is sponsoring a Carbon Collaborative on February 18/19th 2009. The Carbon Collaborative will explore opportunities to accelerate local economic activity within emerging environmental markets. Key areas of focus for this initiative include
emissions trading, emissions reduction project development, project verification and certification, and climate policy. The purpose of this exploration is to identify opportunities that will further establish San Francisco as a dominant center of activity within the coming low-carbon economy.

For Further Information contact the City of San Francisco,

Office of Economic & Workforce
City Hall, Room 436
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco CA 94102

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