BlogRoll Review: Coal, Corn, and Creativity

Coal Revolt

In the US, several state governments have made efforts to stop the construction of new coal plants. Even major creditors like BofA are refusing to finance these projects.

Now, city governments are getting into the act. Maria Energia says:

The city decided to make the switch to avoid paying more for fossil fuel electricity in the future, when carbon regulations (both California’s state regulations and federal ones, like a cap-and-trade policy) increase the cost of doing business with fossil fuels. Not to mention the “costs to society,” like higher medical bills for lung-related diseases such as asthma.

Green electrons are better than brown ones!

Corn Debate

While there is strong evidence that ethanol produced from fermentation of corn sugars is not likely to reduce GHG emissions, there is greater hope that ethanol produced from cellulosic could be a sustainable solution for creating biofuels. Yet, there are many uncertainties in this process.

On company, POET, claims they have a cellulosic breakthrough. Robert Rapier at the R-Squared blog conducted an extensive interview with POET’s VP of Science and Technology Dr. Mark Stower on their process.

This is really a fascinating and technically rigorous analysis of the corn ethanol debate. Great discussion on the socioeconomic implications as well. Thanks a lot, Robert!

Creative Sustainability

Patents are certainly a necessary aspect for innovation but in some ways it has been a hinderance when it comes to solutions needed for sustainability. In order to accelerate the transfer of ideas, other modalities of information sharing may complement and overcome some of the limitations of the existing patent system.

Joel Makower discusses these concepts through the GreenXchange.

** Also, the Green Agenda notes that the military is becoming increasingly concerned about the consequences of climate change.

** CleantechGreentech talked about PG&E’s effort to power homes with cow dung.

** It’s getting windy in Israel.

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  1. Kidney Cleanse
    Kidney Cleanse says:

    That's interesting that BofA actually stopped financing for the coal factories…is that because they aren't profitable or they are trying to force a 'greener' environment

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