Cleantech Blog Readers – Unite! Let’s Color the Volt

Ok, I couldn’t resist.

GM is running a contest to name the silver green color for the Volt. Winner gets to go to the LA auto show and drive a pre-production Volt.

So if any of you have a few minutes to amuse yourself, add your color name idea in the comments to this post, or email it to me, and we’ll take the best ones (we’ll run a poll if time allows) and submit them as the Cleantech Blog submissions. (Or just submit straight to GM if you want to try yourself).

For the record, if we win, we’ll auction off the right to represent Cleantech Blog at the LA autoshow and give the proceeds to a green non profit.


Neal Dikeman

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  1. Adam F.
    Adam F. says:

    Olivine Green – it's a green coloured mineral, which has been proposed as a way to capture carbon (by reacting with CO2 to form magnesite) – therefore suited to a carbon-emission-reducing electric vehicle. It also rhymes with green… and it contains olive, symbolising peace, which could be the result of a decreased dependence on oil.

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